Is Jade Worth Pulling in Honkai Star Rail 2.3?

Discover if Jade is worth pulling in Honkai Star Rail 2.3 or not in this comprehensive guide.

Is Jade Worth Pulling in Honkai Star Rail 2.3?

Honkai Star Rail 2.3 is bringing new characters to the game and Jade is one of the most anticipated additions. As a 5-star character set to release in the second phase of version 2.3, players are wondering if they should save their Stellar Jades for her. This article will break down Jade's abilities and potential to help players decide if she's worth pulling.

Should You Pull for Jade in Honkai Star Rail 2.3?

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For players who already have multiple FUA (follow-up attack) units, Jade is definitely worth considering. Her straightforward kit makes her relatively easy to build and her high damage potential makes her a valuable addition to many teams.

Jade is particularly worth pulling for players who:

  • Need a strong Quantum DPS character
  • Enjoy follow-up attack team compositions
  • Want a versatile character who can fit multiple roles

However, it's important to consider your current roster and resources before deciding to pull. If you're lacking in other areas or saving for upcoming characters you may want to weigh your options carefully.



Who is Jade?

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Jade is a new 5-star character following the Path of Erudition. She was first introduced during the Penacony story quest in version 2.1 where she played a behind-the-scenes role.

Jade is also known as the employer and mentor of Aventurine, who works as a senior manager in the IPC Strategic Investment Department.

Jade's Abilities and Role

As an Erudition character, Jade's primary role is that of a main DPS. Her kit is designed to deal high Quantum damage through both her basic attacks and follow-up attacks. This makes her versatile enough to fit into different team compositions.

  • Her skill grants 20% Quantum RES Pen on field
  • Her Ultimate deals massive Quantum damage to all enemies
  • She has enhanced follow-up attacks
  • Her Talent grants additional CRIT DMG

These abilities make Jade a powerful damage dealer who can excel in both single-target and multi-target scenarios.


Jade Best Team Compositions and Build

Jade works well in follow-up attack (FUA) teams. She synergizes nicely with other FUA units like Himeko, Topaz & Numby, and Dr. Ratio. This versatility allows her to fill both main DPS and sub-DPS roles depending on the team composition.

Jade's abilities scale with CRIT stats so focus on Relic pieces with good CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG. She also benefits from high Speed (SPD) to maximize her follow-up attack potential. ATK% is another important stat for boosting her overall damage output.




Aspect Rating
Main DPS Potential High
Sub-DPS Potential Good
Team Flexibility High
F2P Friendliness Good
Overall Value High

In conclusion, Jade appears to be a strong and versatile character worth considering for many players in Honkai Star Rail 2.3. Her high damage potential and ability to fit into various team compositions make her a valuable addition to most rosters. However, as with any gacha game decision, it's important to consider your own needs and resources before pulling.