How to Make Chally's Feed in Fallout 76

Find out how to make Chally's Feed in Fallout 76 in this comprehensive guide.

How to Make Chally's Feed in Fallout 76
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During the highly anticipated Meat Week event in Fallout 76, you have the opportunity to assist Grahm, the traveling super mutant merchant, in his legendary meat cook. One crucial aspect of this event is feeding Chally, Grahm's trusty Brahmin companion who carries his supplies. So, how to make Chally's Feed in Fallout 76? Let's find out.

How to Make Chally's Feed

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The first step in making Chally's Feed is to get the plan from Grahm himself. During Meat Week, Grahm can be found stationed south of Vault 76, between Organ Cave South and Moonshiner's Shack.

Once you obtained the plan, the next step is to gather the ingredients. To make Chally's Feed, you will need to gather the following ingredients:

  • 2 Boiled Water
  • 2 Carrots
  • 3 Razorgrain
  • 3 Tatos
  • 1 Wood

Gathering Ingredients:

  • Boiled Water can be obtained by boiling dirty water at any cooking station.
  • Carrots can be found at Groves Family Cabin, near the small farm adjacent to the cabins.
  • Razorgrain plants are abundant at Billings Homestead, with a total of 50 plants.
  • Tato plants can be found in the garden behind The General's Steakhouse, with 16 plants available.
  • Wood can be gathered from piles around Helvetia or found scattered throughout the wasteland.

Once all the necessary ingredients have been gathered, you can head to any cooking station and combine them to create Chally's Feed. It's recommended to use the Super Duper perk, which offers a chance to produce double the amount of food.



How to Feed Chally

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During Grahm's Meat Cook event, you can approach Chally's Feed Pile and deposit the crafted Chally's Feed. Each feeding will increase the event's progress bar by 2%, but there is a 30-second cooldown period before Chally can be fed again.

To maximize efficiency, you should distribute Chally's Feed among your friends and other event participants, ensuring that multiple players can contribute to feeding Chally.

The more players participate, the faster the event will progress, increasing the chances of completing multiple Meat Cook events and earning additional rewards.




Task Details
Obtaining the Plan Purchase from Grahm during Meat Week
Ingredients 2 Boiled Water, 2 Carrots, 3 Razorgrain, 3 Tatos, 1 Wood
Gathering Locations Groves Family Cabin (Carrots), Billings Homestead (Razorgrain), The General's Steakhouse (Tatos), Helvetia (Wood)
Crafting Combine ingredients at a cooking station
Feeding Chally Deposit Chally's Feed in the designated pile to increase event progress by 2%
Cooldown 30-second cooldown period between feedings

By following this guide, you can effectively contribute to Grahm's Meat Cook event by making and feeding Chally's Feed, ultimately increasing your chances of earning exclusive rewards during the highly anticipated Meat Week in Fallout 76.