How to Get Shroud Cores in Enshrouded

Shroud Cores are one of the most valuable items in Enshrouded and in this guide we’ll go over how you can get them and how to craft them!

How to Get Shroud Cores in Enshrouded
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Enshrouded just released in Early Access on Steam and gamers all over the world are going to be jumping into this new survival game.

In this guide we’ll go over one of the game’s most valuable resources, the [Shroud Cores] and how you can get them so that you can quickly expand your building range!




What are Shroud Cores

Shroud Core.png
Shroud Core

Shroud Cores are one of Enshrouded’s crafting materials and help you upgrade your Flame Altar while also being used to craft other items such as [Magical Chests], which work as your storage option in this game.

There are two main ways of obtaining Shroud Cores, from combat and crafting.



How to Get Shroud Cores

Enshrouded Shroud Cores

You can get Shroud Cores from defeating enemies in Enshrouded Zones. The Shroud Cores dropped from the so-called [Wraiths] which are enemies that spawn close to Elixir Wells.

Note that the Wraiths respawn some time after being killed, essentially allowing you to farm Shroud Cores.



How to Craft Shroud Cores


The second way to get Shroud Cores is by crafting them. To craft Shroud Cores you are first required to have unlocked the [Alchemist] and then need to have Shroud Spores and Shroud Liquid.

Shroud Core Craft Recipe:

  • Shroud Spore: x10
  • Shroud Liquid: x10



That is all, quite simple isn’t it? If you want to keep in touch with Enshrouded and find even more guides to help you on your journey feel free to come back to our site!

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