Honkai Star Rail Version 2.0 Phase Two: Is It Worth Pulling

In this opinion article we’ll go over if it is worth pulling for the characters in Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.0 phase two.

Honkai Star Rail Version 2.0 Phase Two: Is It Worth Pulling

With the release of the phase two banners for Version 2.0 tomorrow it is time to discuss whether the units in the second phase are worth pulling for, or if you should skip them for future characters!

We'll dive into the two character coming in Version 2.0 Phase Two and hopefully help you decide if you want to pull.

Characters in Version 2.0 Phase Two

Version 2.0 Phase Two

The two limited 5-star characters that will be coming in Phase Two of Version 2.0 are the new 5-star Harmony character Sparkle, and the re-running 5-star Erudition character Jing Yuan.

These two are an interesting pair as both of them have very specific roles that they fill.



Sparkle is a great addition to the game as she is the first character that directly adds more Skill Points that you can use, making her an absolutely broken unit when in combination with SP heavy teams.

If you have pulled for Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae in phase one then she will be a great teammate for him.



Jing Yuan

Jing Yuan

Jing Yuan is one of the older characters in Honkai: Star Rail and released quite far back.

Being a character from the Erudition Path he specializes in dealing with a large number of enemies making him a perfect pick for the Pure Fiction game mode.

However, apart from that he is vastly outshined by other Limited 5-star characters, and is quite underpowered when compared to the most recent 5-star Limited Erudition character - Argenti.



Should You Pull in Version 2.0 Phase Two

Version 2.0

If you have gathered enough Stellar Jade and have resisted the urge to pull on either Black Swan or Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae then phase two of Version 2.0 might be a good time to pull.

The character we believe you should spend your Stellar Jade on in phase two is definitely Sparkle. With any gacha game, support type characters are generally worth more and give you a better return on your investment.

If you still do not have Bronya and are looking for a great character that can both speed up your team, add a ton of Skill Points and overall provide a great boost to Crit DMG then Sparkle is definitely a must pull.

From what we know of her kit, Sparkle will fit into many teams and will generally provide a great boost for a ton of players.

Also, if you are looking for a teammate to complete your Mono-Quantum team then there likely won’t be a better candidate in the near future.

Sparkle is an overall great unit and will surely boost a ton of accounts. We believe that you won’t go wrong if you decide to pull for her, and her Light Cone.


Jing Yuan

Jing Yuan, on the other hand, is somewhat harder to sell. He is one of the older limited 5-star characters and it can be said that he has been slightly power crept as Honkai: Star Rail evolved. 

Although he is still in a somewhat good position Jing Yuan requires a ton of investment, and if you do not have his signature Light Cone or Himeko’s signature Light Cone then you might find him really underwhelming.

When compared to Sparkle Jing Yuan is certainly a worse investment when it comes to meta.

However, if you do like his character and are after all of the male characters in Honkai: Star Rail then he might be a good addition to your account.



Should You Save for Version 4.1


The two characters coming in Version 4.1 - Acheron and Aventurine are too going to be great units that you might consider.

Acheron will be a great unit to tie up DoT teams, and will also do great with any Nihility units, introducing the idea of Path Based Teams and not just Element Based Teams. While Aventurine is expected to offer substantial survivability, and overall appears to be a better Gepard in a sense.


Both will be good additions to any roster, however, whether to pull for any of the two is Sparkle is going to vastly be determined based on each individual account.

  • If you're lacking Bronya and need a great DMG boosting Harmony unit then Sparkle is the way to go.
  • If you already have a great deal of utility and are looking for a strong Main DPS unit, then Acheron is the way to go.
  • If you have good DPS and support units but lack survivability, then Aventurine is the way to go.

It is up to you to take a look at your account and decide which will be the best addition!