Honkai Star Rail Boothill Leaks: Kit, Abilities & Appearance

Discover everything you need to know about the latest Honkai Star Rail Boothill leaks, including his expected kit, abilities, and appearance in this article.

Honkai Star Rail Boothill Leaks: Kit, Abilities & Appearance

The anticipation surrounding Honkai Star Rail's upcoming content updates continues to soar as new character leaks surface online. Among the most buzzworthy reveals is Boothill, a forthcoming 5-star unit speculated to join the game's expansive roster soon after version 2.0 update. This article covers the latest Honkai Star Rail Boothill leaks, including his kit, abilities, and appearance.

HSR Boothill Leaked Kit and Abilities

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HoYoVerse /GameLeap

While specifics are still subject to change, current leaks suggest that Boothill will be a formidable Physical damage dealer who treads the path of The Hunt. His gameplay is expected to revolve around a distinctive "Duel" mechanic, activated through his Skill ability.

  • According to leaker Dimbreath, Boothill's Skill will trigger a Duel mode against an enemy, granting him an Attack buff while generating "Bullets" upon defeating the target or inflicting the Weakness Break effect.
  • However, should the opponent strike first, they will steal Boothill's Attack boost instead.
  • Once our cowboy-themed character accumulates five Bullets, he gains an extra turn and can unleash an Enhanced Basic Attack that fires all of them, each packing a hefty damage punch.

His Ultimate ability, on the other hand, is rumored to deal increased Break damage while delaying the enemy's turn. It may also render foes vulnerable to Physical damage, further amplifying Boothill's offensive prowess.



HSR Boothill Leaked Appearance

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Reddit /HonkaiHusbandos

Beyond his combat capabilities, Boothill's appearance has also generated significant buzz within the Honkai Star Rail community. A recently leaked in-game model preview, courtesy of HonkaiHusbandos on Reddit, offers players a tantalizing sneak peek at the character's distinctive design.

  • True to his name, Boothill shows a rugged, cowboy-inspired aesthetic that sets him apart from other playable characters in the game.
  • His attire features a modern twist on classic Western garb, complete with a wide-brimmed hat and a striking gauntlet adorning his right arm.




Leaks and Speculations:

  • Boothill is expected to be a 5-star Physical damage dealer
  • Treads the path of The Hunt
  • Skill triggers "Duel" mode with Attack buff and Bullet generation
  • Ultimate deals increased Break damage, delays enemy turns
  • May inflict Physical damage vulnerability on targets


  • Unique cowboy-inspired aesthetic
  • Modern Western attire with wide-brimmed hat and gauntlet

As Honkai Star Rail's ever-expanding universe prepares for its next major evolution, the leaks surrounding Boothill have undoubtedly stoked the flames of excitement within the game's dedicated community.

While official details have yet to be unveiled, these early leaks provide an exciting taste of what's to come, ensuring that the journey ahead will be filled with surprises and delights for every Star Rail traveler.