Honkai Star Rail: Best Pela Build Guide

Discover the best Pela build in Honkai Star Rail through this comprehensive guide. We will be talking about the best light cones, relics and team comps too!

Honkai Star Rail: Best Pela Build Guide

Pela is a powerful 4-star Ice and Nihility character in Honkai Star Rail. If you want to play Pela in the game, this guide covers the best builds, team comps, relics, light cones, and materials to maximize her potential as a top-tier Support unit!



Best Pela Build Guide in Honkai Star Rail

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Pela is an incredible pull for any account and her versatile Support capabilities make her an endgame staple. Use this guide to assemble her best build and team for tackling Honkai: Star Rail's toughest challenges. Check it out!

Pela Character Overview

Pela is rated S-tier overall and as a Support thanks to her ability to debuff enemy defense. Her kit also enables removing enemy buffs which proves invaluable against certain enemies.

Pela is definitely worth pulling for any roster because, at max level, her base stats include:

  • 987 HP
  • 546 ATK
  • 463 DEF
  • 105 SPD



Recommended Relics and Light Cones for Pela

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Eagle of Twilight Line is Pela's best-in-slot relic set. It grants her Advance Forward after using her Ultimate to quickly cycle turns and regen SP. Pan-Cosmic Commercial Enterprise is the ideal ornament for boosting her Effect Hit Rate and ATK.

For F2P players, Musketeer of Wild Wheat relics and the Fleet of the Ageless ornament are solid alternatives. The limited event light cone Before the Tutorial Mission Starts is tailor-made for Pela.

Other good 4-star options include Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat and In the Name of the World.



Best Builds and Teams for Pela

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For Pela, the best setup is as a Debuffer Support. Make sure to get a 67% Effect Hit Rate from substats to ensure her DEF debuff works. Once you reach this level, focus on increasing HP% and SPD stats.

Pela works well in many teams, but she's especially effective in Ice compositions at Eidolon 4. There, she can lower enemy Ice resistance.

To get the most damage, team her up with powerful DPS units like Serval, Jingliu, and Acheron.

Ascension Materials for Pela

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Ascending Pela requires Glimmering or Squirming Cores and Horn of Snow. Fully Tracing her abilities needs additional materials like Obsidian of Dread, Desolation, Obsession, Guardian's Lament, and Tracks of Destiny.