Honkai Star Rail 2.1: New Achievements List

Discover the new achievements list in Honkai Star Rail 2.1 in this comprehensive guide.

Honkai Star Rail 2.1: New Achievements List

The highly anticipated Honkai Star Rail 2.1 update arrived on March 27, 2024, bringing an array of fresh content for players to explore. Among the numerous additions, a significant highlight is the introduction of 45 new achievements. These trophies span various categories, offering players diverse challenges to conquer and milestones to unlock. Let's take a look at all of Honkai Star Rail's 2.1 new achievements list!

HSR 2.1 New Achievements List

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There are 3 categories for the new achievements in Honkai Star Rail 2.1:

  • Rail Unto the Stars: This category presents achievements directly tied to the Trailblaze Missions, the game's primary narrative-driven content. 
  • Eager for Battle: This section houses achievements focused on combat and gameplay mechanics
  • Moment of Joy: This category is tied to unusual events.
  • The Memories We Share: This category encompasses achievements centered around side quests.
  • Fathom the Unfathomable: This category presents some of the most demanding achievements and requires a lot of grinding.

Let's take a deeper look at all the new achievements!



Rail Unto the Stars Achievements

Here are all the new achievements in Honkai Star Rail 2.1 under the "Rail Unto the Stars" category:

Achievement Objective
Sibyl, What Do You Want? Where will good fortune lead gamblers? (Witness Kakavasha's life during the Trailblaze Mission.)
A Drop of the Hard Stuff Cheers to sweet dreams and the dreamer! (Acquire Gallagher's special mix.)
She Replied, I Want to Die. Sit in the best seat and watch the grand finale (defeat Aventurine in his Ten Stonehearts form).
To Icarus Relive the past in a faraway land. (Listen to the conversation between Acheron and Welt.)



Eager for Battle Achievements

Here are all the new achievements in Honkai Star Rail 2.1 under the "Eager for Battle" category:

Achievement Objective
Boxcars Cause Ten Stonehearts: Aventurine of Stratagems to summon two 'All or Nothings" to simultaneously roll one with a single attack during battle.
All My People, All My People… Have three characters in the team win in the same round of Gamble against Ten Stonehearts: Aventurine of Stratagems.
Lady Snowblood In a single battle, use Acheron's Ultimate to defeat all enemies and achieve victory.
Blind Stealing When Aventurine's Blind Bet is at one point, use his Ultimate to obtain six Blind Bet points in a single battle.
Purging Heatiness Clear the complete stacks of Obscure Blaze on the Memory Zone Meme "Shell of Faded Rage" during Weakness Break.
Fight Fire With Fire Defeat the Shell of Faded Rage without causing Weakness Break.
Performance Evaluation Use ally Aventurine to deal the finishing blow on Senior Staff: Team Leader.
Divine Judgment Does Not Discriminate During exploration, use Acheron's Technique to defeat five enemies consecutively.



Moment of Joy Achievements

Here are all the new achievements in Honkai Star Rail 2.1 under the "Moment of Joy" category:

Achievement Objective
Why Is the Origami Bird So Huge? Yank out the Origami Big Bird at the Dewlight Pavilion.



The Memories We Share Achievements

Here are all the new achievements in Honkai Star Rail 2.1 under the "The Memories We Share" category:

Achievement Objective
Attendance Rate, Zero Make Radiant Speedster lose its fans.
Birds Art Life: A Year of Observation Become a master bird observer at Dewlight Pavilion.
For Great Goods Collect all Clockie merchandise.
The Cabin in the Woods At Clock Studios Theme Park, witness the bizarre experiences of the five.
Proofs And Refutations During a conversation with the food truck owner, purchase a certain item at a high price from them.
A Variation Named "I" In Clock Studios Theme Park, meet a "detective" with an unusual physical attribute.
The Lady in Gold At the Dewlight Pavilion, investigate the portrait of the famous performer.
Lord of War Provide justice to Oksana.
Better Late Than Never Expose Oksana to the Bloodhounds.
Dishonored Legacy Let go of Oksana.
Big Shot! Leave your special mix at the Dreamjolt Hostelry.
Make Your Dream a Blast Help all the Dreamjolt Hostelry's monsters deal with their emotional troubles.
To Each Their Own Drink Serve the correct drinks to customers three times.
Omakase Serve the wrong drinks to the customers three times.
Operation Dreampunk Drinksmith Complete all recipe deductions in Dreamjolt Hostelry.
Family Portrait Click a family picture of the Express Crew at the Clock Studios Theme Park's photo board.
"Clock" In Take a group picture at Clock Studios Theme Park's photo board.



Fathom the Unfathomable Achievements

Here are all the new achievements in Honkai Star Rail 2.1 under the "Fathom the Unfathomable" category:

Achievement Objective
Home Alone Defeat three of Boss Stone's minions at once in a Hanu's Adventure stage.
Anti-Balloon Break the special Boss Stone balloon in Clock Studios Theme Park.
Saga of the Dreamhaven Tumult Break the special Boss Stone balloon in Clock Studios Theme Park.
Safety Car In any Clockie's Extras mode, complete the shoot without taking damage.
Non-Racing Line In Clockie's Extras, stay in the middle lane for 10 seconds.
Pole to Win In Clockie's Extras mode, reach maximum energy again within the duration of Nutty Blitz or Hanu Time.
Biggest DRS Beneficiary Perform 10 Turbo Dash in a row without mistakes or interruptions in Clockie's Extras Fast & Furynuts mode.
Slow Road to Hell Defeat all enemies that are in Clockie's Extras Way of the Wolf mode.
A Dreamy Town, Oak Paradise! Enter the miniature sandpit in the Dewlight Pavilion for the first time.
Dreamweaving Industrialization Complete the Dreamwalker Challenge at the Dewlight Pavilion for some extra income.
To Get Blood Out of a Stone Use Hanu Rocket to defeat Boss Stone's minions for the first time.
Living With a Wolf Collect the entire Hanu's Adventure (Part 2) collection.
Maximum Firepower Acquire maximum ammo of Hanu Rocket.
Secret Party Use the Bubble Pinball to discover the hidden area in Clock Studios Theme Park.
Pac-Man Smash all destructible objects in Clock Studios Theme Park's maze garden.

There you go, all new achievements in Honkai Star Rail 2.1! Players are excited to experience all the new content that came in with the 2.1 update, especially the new characters and events.