Helldivers 2: New Level Cap and Ranks Revealed

Let's take a look at the new level cap in Helldivers 2 and what ranks you can achieve.

Helldivers 2 Major Order: Operation Swift Disassembly - Phase 3
Arrowhead Game Studios

Helldivers 2 is an incredibly successful fast-paced shooter where the whole community works together to rid the galaxy of giant alien bugs and highly advanced Automatons. Arrowhead Game Studios has unrolled updates and patches to keep up with players' demands. Helldivers 2 has seemed to evolve with us as we played with the help of its own Dungeon Master, Joel. 

The latest update increased the max level after many requests to give us something to aim for. When Helldivers 2 first came out, the cap was at level 20. When players managed to reach the limit within a few days, Arrowhead upped the maximum to level 50. 

Helldivers 2 New Max Level and Titles
Arrowhead Game Studios

This was still too small for some fans. We all saw most players reach the highest rank of Skull Admiral. In the latest patch, Helldivers 2 tripled the max level. We can now reach level 150 before we hit the peak. With 10 new ranks available, we will have to start the grind by blowing up all enemies of democracy. 



The New Ranks in Helldivers 2

The New Ranks in Helldivers 2
Arrowhead Game Studios

For the first 50 levels, we achieved a new rank every 5 levels. It seems after level 50, we will need to level up ten times to earn a promotion. Let's take a look at all the ranks available:

Helldivers 2 Rank/Title

Level Requirement

Cadet 1
Space Cadet 5
Sergeant 10
Master Sergeant 15
Chief 20
Space Chief Prime 25
Death Captain 30
Marshal 35
Star Marshal 40
Admiral 45
Skull Admiral 50
Fleet Admiral 60
Admirable Admiral 70
Commander 80
Galactic Commander 90
Hell Commander 100
General 110
5-Star General 120
10-Star General 130
Private 140
Super Private 150 

If you previously reached the level 50 cap and continued to earn XP, you will find that your level has already increased. Helldivers 2 saved all your experience throughout your playthrough and automatically adjusted your rank and level to what it should be. 



Many players have expressed their amusement that after 10-Star General comes Private. Most fans believe it is a reference to Sergeant Zim in Starship Troopers. Helldivers 2 is famous for taking inspiration from the classic sci-fi movie. Sergeant Zim is a drill instructor who purposefully gets himself demoted so he can fight in the war.  

Helldivers 2 New Level Cap and New Ranks
Arrowhead Game Studios

It is still unsure if you earn rewards as you reach each level or rank. We have received no new armor or equipment for leveling up since level 30 in Helldivers 2. It's been a long time for some players since they walked away with the Heroic Cape. Maybe Arrowhead will add more rewards soon. 

That's everything we know about the new level cap and ranks in Helldivers 2. I hope this helps. Get back in the fight. There is a war going on out there. Those bugs aren't going to blow themselves up.