Hades 2: Best Boons from Every God

This guide explores the most potent boons from each god in Hades 2, empowering players to craft an unstoppable build.

Hades 2: Best Boons from Every God
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Want to craft the best build for Melinoe in Hades 2 so that she becomes more powerful while battling bosses and enemies? Then it is important to get the power of boons gifted by the gods in the game. This guide explores the most potent boons from each god, empowering you to craft an unstoppable build for Melinoe. Check them out!



Best Boons from Every God in Hades 2

This is the list of the best boons you can get from each and every deity in Hades 2. We will explain to you why they are considered the best in the description below:

Boons of Aphrodite

Boons of Aphrodite Hades 2.png
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Aphrodite's boons focus on inflicting the powerful Weak status effect, reducing enemy damage output. The "Heart Breaker" boon stands out, creating explosive Heartthrobs whenever players use 30 Magick. This boon offers tremendous crowd control and damage potential.

Boons of Apollo

The "Extra Dose" boon is a must-have from Apollo. This boon allows attacks to strike twice for double damage. Pair this with Apollo's other fiery abilities for a scorching attack.

Boons of Chaos

Primordial Power Chaos offers the coveted "Favor" boon, increasing the chances of acquiring rare or better quality boons. This boon is a game-changer, enabling you to build unstoppable synergies for Melinoe.

Boons of Demeter

Boons of Demeter Hades 2.png
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Demeter's Frosty Embrace Demeter's boons specialize in freezing enemies, immobilizing them for easy elimination. The "Cold Storage" boon extends the duration of Freeze effects, making sure the enemies remain encased in ice for longer period of time.

Boons of Hephaestus

Hephaestus' boons focus on the Blast mechanic, delivering powerful area-of-effect damage. The "Furnace Blast" boon adds the Vent effect, causing delayed burst damage to enemies within the blast radius.



Boons of Hera

Hera's boons focus on the Hitch effect, enabling chain damage to afflicted enemies. The "Born Gain" boon is invaluable, restoring all Magick whenever players run out, ensuring a constant supply of powerful abilities.

Boons of Hermes

Hermes Boons Hades 2.png
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Hermes' boons are geared towards mobility. The "Greater Evasion" boon is the best from Hermes because it grants you a chance to dodge incoming attacks, making it easier to avoid dangerous situations.

Boons of Hestia

Hestia's boons revolve around the Scorch effect, dealing continuous damage over time. The "Fire Extinguisher" boon is a standout from Hestia, inflicting a burst of damage on enemies with high Scorch stacks.

Boons of Poseidon

The "Flood Control" boon from Poseidon is one of the most invaluable in Hades 2, giving you the ability to prime 30 Magick after entering a location while reducing incoming damage.

Boons of Selene

Selene Boons Hades 2.png
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Selene's boons offer powerful ultimate abilities. The "Total Eclipse" boon is a game-changer, blasting the target area for a massive 1000 damage after a brief delay.

Boons of Zeus

Last but not least, Zeus' boons harness the power of lightning, with the "Double Strike" boon allowing lightning bolt effects to potentially strike twice, doubling the damage output toward enemies.

With this guide for the best boons from each god, we hope you can strategically build your character, synergizing abilities from each boon to overcome the challenges of the Underworld in Hades 2!

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