Hades 2: All Hexes and Hex Upgrades Explained

Here's everything you need to know about hex upgrades and how to use them in Hades 2.

Hades 2: All Hexes and Upgrades Explained
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Hades 2 lets Melinoe take advantage of the power of the moon with Hexes. As the main character travels through the underworld, these amazing Ultimate Abilities, given to her by the goddess Selene herself, offer both powerful attacks and crowd control. In this article, we will take a closer look at how to get Hexes in Hades 2, how to update these hexes, and what it all means for you as the player.



What are Hexes in Hades 2?

As mentioned before, hexes are powerful ultimate abilities. They grant Melinoe better crowd control and attacks, which will help greatly in battle. These hexes are given by Selene, one of the four Moon Sisters, along with Melinoe, Hecate, and Artemis. There are a total of 8 hexes in Hades 2. We'll talk more about them later on in this article.

How to Get Hexes in Hades 2?

Selene Hades 2
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As it was already mentioned, all hexes are granted by the goddess Selene. To get a hex, you'll need to interact with Selene's Crescent Moon symbol and successfully complete an encounter during any run. Players are presented with a choice of three Hexes, referred to as Gifts of the Moon Boons. These Hexes differ from other Boons as they activate only after expending a specific amount of Mana throughout the run. Once activated, Selene's Crescent Moon symbol will show up above Melinoe's head, indicating you are able to unleash the equipped Hex. When your Hex is ready, press the Hex button or RT on an Xbox controller.

  • If you're focusing on a Magick build, choose a Hex with high Magick requirements for easier charging and stronger effects. Otherwise, using expensive Hexes may be tough with low Magick.



All Hexes in Hades 2

Here's a list of every hex you can get in Hades 2:

Hex Name Details
Dark Side Your Hex turns you into an Impervious living nightmare with her own abilities for 5 Sec. / 90 Magick
Lunar Ray Your Hex fires a beam that deals up to 1200 damage over 3 Sec. / 120 Magick
Moon Water Your Hex restores 25 Life up to 3 times, which reset whenever you use Fountains. / 70 Magick
Night Bloom Your Hex raises 1 random slain foe from this Encounter to fight for you for 12 Sec. / 100 Magick
Phase Shift Your Hex makes everything else move 80% slower for 5 Sec. / 150 Magick
Total Eclipse  Your Hex blasts the target area for 1000 damage after 4 Sec. / 200 Magick
Twilight Curse Your Hex launches a seeking projectile that inflicts Morph on up to 10 susceptible foes. / 140 Magick
Wolf Howl

Your Hex makes you rise up and then crash down in the target area for 200 damage. / 80 Magick


How to Upgrade Hexes in Hades 2?

Path of Stars Hades 2
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Upgrading hexes is also important and we'll tell you more about how to do it. Hexes aren't updated like the rest of the boons in Hades 2. You can get an upgrade once you encounter Selene during runs, within the Path of the Stars menu, which is a skill tree with enhancements.

Use upgrade points on the Path of Stars based on your current playstyle needs and preferences. Upgrade points are determined by the Hex's Moonglow, and equipping Selene's Keepsake, the Moon Beam, earns you more upgrade points. Remember, Hexes and their upgrades do not persist between runs!

The points you can assign are decided by the Hex's Moonglow status when you first obtain the boon. Moonglow is shown by Full, Half, and Crescent Moon symbols beside each boon. They determine the upgrades you can receive for that Hex when you encounter Selene during a run. This is the sole method for advancing your Hex's upgrade paths in the Oath of the Stars.

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 Here's what each Moonglow represents:

Crescent Moonglow

No special bonuses

Half Moonglow

+1 upgrade point for the Path of the Stars

Full Moonglow +2 upgrade points for the Path of the Stars

That's all there is to know about hexes and upgrades in Hades 2. The more you update them - the more powerful they will get so use your upgrade points wisely. Check out the rest of our Hades 2 content!