Fortnite: How to Complete All Mosaic Snapshot Quests?

We'll guide you through all Mosaic and Odyssey quests in Fortnite.

Fortnite: How to Complete All Mosaic Snapshot quests?
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Fortnite released the Mosaic Snapshot and Odyssey quests as a build-up for the launch of Chapter 5 Season 2. They'll give players XP and set the stage for the next Season of the game. Completing the Mosaic Snapshot and Odyssey quests can be quite tricky but we will guide you through it.




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Stage 1: Speak with Odyssey about The Mosaic

Odyssay NPC
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Head to the Ruined Reels Point of Interest (POI) and you'll find Odyssay wandering around. Simply interact with her to start the conversation. Currently, this is a hot zone with lots of players wanting to start the quest. It doesn't matter if you die, as long as you activate the conversation in the chat menu.

  • Check out our detailed Odyssey article on how to find Odyssey here.

Stage 2: Dig Mosaics Caches - Windmills

There are 3 mosaics caches you need to dig out. You'll find them buried in the ground near windmills. If you're wondering where you can find the Mosaic Caches in Fortnite, check the locations on this map:

Fortnite Mosaics Map

Mosaics glow, so you'll be able to recognize them. Dig them out. There will be a lot of players in these zones. Don't worry if you get shut down, you'll keep your progress through the different matches.



Stage 3: Dig Mosaics Caches - Cemetery

Head to the cemetery, north of Ruined Reels. The first two Mosaics can be located in the main graveyard, while the third one is on the lower floor.

Stage 4: Investigate and Catalog the Mosaic Emblem

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Walk into the building in the middle of the cemetery. Inside, on the floor, you’ll find the Mosaic Emblem. Simply pick it up and you'll complete the Mosaic Snapshot Questline.

The next Mosaic Snapshot Quest will be available 24 hours after the quests were initially released.



Odyssey Quests

These quests are self-explanatory, just follow the instructions. Each one will grant you 10k XP, 50k XP in total.

  • Spend bars in different matches
  • Damage opponents with Rare or better weapons (Stage 1/4)
  • Damage opponents with Epic or better weapons (Stage 2/4)
  • Damage opponents with Legendary or better weapons (Stage 3/4)
  • Damage opponents with Mythic or better weapons (Stage 2/4)

Odyssey Bonus Goals

  • Complete Odyssey & Mosaic Quests
  • Collect Mosaic Tiles - Do this by damaging opponents, opening containers, and hitting weak points.
    Mosaic Tiles
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  • Complete the Mosaic - Find and Collect Mosaic Caches and Mosaic Emblems throughout the whole questline.

We hope we've helped you complete the Mosaic and Odyssey quests in Fortnite. The Greek Mythology theme sure looks exciting! Stay tuned for more upcoming content.