Fortnite: How to Collect Mythic Items (Korra Battle Pass)

Find out how to collect Mythic items in Fortnite for a Korra Battle Pass quest in this comprehensive guide.

Fortnite: How to Collect Mythic Items
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Finally, Korra is now unlocked in the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 Battle Pass! However, getting Korra's skins and cosmetics is not that simple, you need to do a lineup of quests first! One of the quests tasks you to get Mythic items. If you are finding it hard, worry not! This guide will tell you how to collect Mythic items in Fortnite.

How to Collect Mythic Items in Fortnite

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Mythic items are the rarest and most powerful items in Fortnite, giving players awesome abilities. From killer weapons to handy tools, each one has its own special powers. Getting your hands on these Mythic items isn't easy, but the payoff is totally worth it, especially to get the coveted Korra skin.

To finish the "Collect Mythic Items" quest in Korra's Battle Pass, you've got to gather four Mythic items. You don't have to snag them all in one game, although you can grab duplicates of the ones you already have to meet the goal.

There are 2 ways to get these Mythic items:

  • From Olympus Chests
  • From Olympian Bosses

Let's take a deeper look at each of the methods.



Olympus Chests

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One of the most reliable sources for collecting Mythic items is the Olympus Chests.

These chests, adorned with the symbols of ancient Greek gods, hold the key to unlocking the Thunderbolt of Zeus, a powerful Mythic weapon that strikes fear into the hearts of enemies.

However, these chests don't guarantee you getting one.

Olympian Bosses

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If you're up for a big challenge, facing off against the powerful Olympian Bosses is your ticket to Mythic items.

  • These powerful enemies, inspired by Greek mythology, fiercely protect their turf.
  • Beat them and you'll earn Mythic weapons and bragging rights that not many can boast. 

This method guarantees you get one Mythic item per boss.



Mythic Items Rundown

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The Mythic items in Fortnite are as diverse as they are powerful. Here's a rundown of the most coveted Mythic items:

  • Mythic Waterbending: A legendary ability that allows you to manipulate water, granting them a tactical advantage in combat.
  • Thunderbolt of Zeus: A devastating Mythic weapon that unleashes the fury of lightning upon enemies.
  • Cerberus' Gatekeeper Shotgun: A fearsome close-range Mythic weapon that delivers devastating damage at point-blank range.
  • Ares' Warforged Assault Rifle: A Mythic assault rifle that rains down a relentless hail of bullets, tearing through enemy defenses.
  • Hades' Harbinger SMG: A Mythic submachine gun that unleashes a torrent of bullets, shredding through opponents with ruthless efficiency.
  • Zeus' Huntress DMR: A Mythic designated marksman rifle that strikes with pinpoint accuracy, picking off enemies from afar.