Final Fantasy XIV Mountain Dew Crossover, How to Participate and Prizes

Final Fantasy XIV is having an exclusive collaboration with Mountain Dew in the US and we’ll show you how to participate.

Final Fantasy XIV Is Having a Crossover With Mountain Dew

Final Fantasy XIV announced a new collaboration with Mountain Dew Gaming during the second half of the 81st Letter From the Producer Live broadcast.

Players in the United States can redeem codes from Mountain Dew bottles to receive points toward different Final Fantasy XIV prizes, such as the new Mountain Zu mount, multiple Metallic Dyes, and certain branded keycaps inspired by the new Viper and Pictomancer jobs.

Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE 81

Square Enix released the much-anticipated Dawntrail Live Letter on May 16, which included improvements to combat Jobs. The Live Letter began with the Dawntrail Job Action trailer, which showed off some of the new Job abilities, including the redesigned Dragoon and Astrologian, as well as the new Viper and Pictomancer DPS Jobs.

Later in the Live Letter, Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida went over the modifications that each Job and Role would see in Dawntrail. You can check them out here.

Final Fantasy XIV
Square Enix



Final Fantasy XIV Mountain Dew Crossover

From May 16 until January 5, 2025, Final Fantasy XIV will take part in a collaboration with Mountain Dew Gaming. During the crossover, players who purchase branded 20oz bottles of various Mountain Dew flavors can redeem a code worth either 100 or 200 points each, depending on the product. The crossover flavor lineup includes Code Red, Frostbite, and Mountain Dew Original.

Final Fantasy XIV players can redeem several rewards, including the exclusive Mountain Zu flying mount, the Sparkling Citrus Refreshment food item, an exclusive T-shirt branded "I Drank Dew" in the style of different FanFest trial shirts, and certain Taito prizes.

Final Fantasy XIV Mountain Dew Crossover
Square Enix

The collaboration's most valuable things include Puma clothes, unique Drop keycaps, and Viper and Pictomancer-themed desk mats. The Mountain Dew Gaming crossover with Final Fantasy XIV is limited to Guam and the United States.

With Dawntrail set to premiere on July 2, the Final Fantasy XIV and Mountain Dew collaboration will stretch well into the expansion's release window. Only time will tell whether it will be expanded to additional regions in the future.