Final Fantasy XIV: Fastest Way To Reach Max Level with All Jobs Before Dawntrail

Leveling up your jobs in FFXIV can be a bit of a hassle. In this article, we’ll show you the fastest ways to get your healers, tanks, and DPS jobs to level 90.

Final Fantasy XIV Fastest Way To Reach Max Level With All Jobs Before Dawntrail

Leveling an additional job or base class in Final Fantasy 14 can be difficult, but there are no incorrect ways to go about it. However, there are undoubtedly more efficient ways to level up without using Tales of Adventure. Before you start, make sure to check out all the available experience buffs and use as many of them as you can.

It's critical to note that power-leveling serves no purpose if you're still attempting to finish the main scenario quests in FFXIV. The fastest and most efficient approach to level 90 is to follow the path laid out by the game and use the first class you've picked. Those quests reward you with a lot of experience points, and players who follow the main story quests should rarely encounter level barriers.

Final Fantasy XIV How to Use Your Daily Roulette Optimally

Leveling, Alliance Raids, Trials, and Normal Raid Roulettes are all excellent ways to gain experience over time. They unlock at various levels, but it's not always a good idea to use them right away if you plan on grinding all day.

Level 50/60/70/80 Dungeon Roulette is also available every day, but the rewards are usually insufficient unless you need the Tomestones.

Roulettes should also be saved for increasing experience on levels with even numbers.



For example, if I am leveling in the 60s, I don't run my roulettes at level 65. New dungeons unlock at odd numbers, thus, if you're grinding between 60 and 70, it's best to repeat the highest accessible odd-level dungeon until you reach level 66. Then, at level 66, you pop all of your roulettes to get 67 and repeat the process day after day.

Final Fantasy 14 roulette
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Final Fantasy XIV Fastest Leveling Methods

FFXIV Levels 1-15

Levels 1–15 It doesn’t really matter what role you are playing. Starting off, you’ll want to use all your available EXP buffs and start doing Hunting Logs. That will be the fastest way to reach level 15 and unlock your first dungeon.

FFXIV Levels 15-50

Tanks and Healers

This is the first point where we deviate between Tanks, Healers, and DPS. Since Tanks and Healers have way shorter dungeon queues, you should take advantage and just run Sastasha and all of the Real Reborn dungeons up to Level 50. This can be quite repetitive, but the short queues make things a lot better.




Sadly, DPS roles don’t have the same queue time privilege as the Support roles. You’ll have to resort to some other methods. You can try queuing for dungeons and doing Hunting Logs while you wait, but that is not recommended.

Final Fantasy 14 Palace of the dead
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The best place to level up DPS roles at this range is to do Palace of the Dead. You’ll want to go to Floors 51-60 and run them repeatedly, as the queue times will be fast because you don’t need a traditional party. This method will allow you to get a lot of EXP, although not as much as Tanks and Healers.

FFXIV Levels 50-60

Tanks and Healers

This is a slower part of the leveling process in FFXIV. The Tribal Quests in this area are not great and don’t provide massive bonuses. You should continue doing the highest-level available dungeons.


This is the hardest part of the leveling experience with DPS. At this point, Palace of the Dead doesn’t provide a great deal of experience, and you don’t have many available options. One of your best options is to use Duty Support, which allows you to run dungeons with an NPC party.


Final Fantasy 14 Duty Support
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You can still clear dungeons this way, although a bit slower than normal. At this point in the process, it’s crucial that you use your daily roulette optimally so you can get out of the “dead zone” as fast as possible.

FFXIV Levels 60-70

This is the level range where you can start doing Heaven on High. If you’re playing DPS, you should definitely check out the queue times and grind it as much as possible. Tanks and Healers should continue with the previously established method.

FFXIV Levels 70-90

From here, it actually starts getting a lot easier. You gain access to the Bozjan Southern Front, which is by far the best leveling method for any job above level 71. You should also consider doing the Pixie Tribal quests, as they provide a good amount of EXP and rewards.

You should also do FATEs if you happen to come across them. Zadnor is another field operation that is absolutely worth your time, as it provides huge amounts of EXP. The dungeon strategy still works here for Tanks and Healers, but field operations are a better source of EXP.


FFXIV Zadnor
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  • Levels 1-15: You’ll want to be doing Hunting Logs

  • Levels 15-50: You should do Palace of The Dead

  • Levels 50-60: The roughest part where Roullete is crucial

  • Levels 60-70: You can do Heaven on High

  • Levels 70-90: You should do Zagnor and The Bozjan Southern Front and do tribal quests

Tanks and Healers

  • Levels 1-15: You’ll want to be doing Hunting Logs

  • Levels 15-50: Spam dungeons as much as possible

  • Levels 50-60: You can keep doing dungeons here

  • Levels 60-70: You can do Heaven on High if you’re tired of dungeons

  • Levels 70-90: You should do Zagnor and The Bozjan Southern Front and do tribal quests