Dragon Ball Creator Akira Toriyama Passes Away at 68

Fans mourning over the passing of Akira Toriyama.

Dragon Ball Creator Akira Toriyama Passes Away at 68
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Acclaimed manga artist Akira Toriyama, best known for creating the iconic Dragon Ball series, has passed away at the age of 68. Fans worldwide are mourning the loss of the iconic manga creator.

Akira Toriyama Passed Away on March 1st

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According to a statement from Toriyama's Bird Studio and Capsule Corporation Tokyo, he died on March 1st, 2024, due to an acute subdural hematoma.

At the time of his passing, Toriyama still had several works in progress. As stated by Bird Studio:

"It's our deep regret that he still had several works in the middle of creation with great enthusiasm. Also, he would have many more things to achieve."

A private funeral service was held with Toriyama's family and close relatives. Per his wishes, the studio will not accept memorial flowers, gifts, or condolences from the public.

Plans for a public commemorative gathering are not yet decided. Bird Studio stated that further details will be shared when confirmed and asked that the public refrain from contacting Toriyama's family at this difficult time.



Akira Toriyama Career Spanning Over Four Decades

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Toriyama's prolific career spanned over 45 years. With global sales exceeding 260 million copies, Dragon Ball stands as one of the most popular manga ever published. The franchise continues through new mediums, including the recently announced game Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero.

Beyond Dragon Ball, Toriyama also created other popular manga like Dr. Slump and Sand Land. His character designs were featured in the hit video games Chrono Trigger, Blue Dragon, and Dragon Quest. 



Fans Mourning Over the Death of Akira Toriyama

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Fans are sharing their thoughts on X (formerly Twitter) over the passing of Akira Toriyama. Some of the comments the fans wrote are:

"RIP to the GOAT of the manga scene. This is crazy to process right now but thank you for making one the greatest franchise of all time."

"Worst news this year. He was everyone’s hero. Thank you Akira Toriyama. This hurts. What a legend."

"I can't believe this... It's so heartbreaking. Thank you for making my childhood awesome. You and your works inspired many people in many different ways. May you rest in peace, legend Akira Toriyama. Thank you."

Akira Toriyama's creative legacy has had a significant and lasting impact on manga and pop culture worldwide. With record sales and mainstream popularity across generations, he has been able to continue his creative work for over 45 years.

Bird Studio expresses gratitude for the global support and hopes that Toriyama's unique creations continue to be loved for a long time.