Diablo 4: Anniversary Event - Start Date, Rewards, and More

Diablo 4 is celebrating its anniversary a bit early this year together with Diablo Immortal and we’re here to show you all the upcoming events and prizes.

Diablo 4: Anniversary Event
Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard is celebrating 2 years of Diablo Immortal and 1 year of Diablo 4 by hosting some in-game events. There are a few things going on during the "March of the Goblins", and here is everything that will be coming to D4, as well as when it will be available.

Diablo 4: March of the Goblins

Diablo 4 March of The Goblins
Blizzard Entertainment

There will be a rise in Treasure Goblin spawning throughout Sanctuary in Diablo 4, with occasional double Goblin sightings, but maybe much more on rare occasions. 

The drops you can get from Treasure Goblins have also been buffed since they now contain boss-summoning materials and at least one guaranteed legendary.

One restriction is that Treasure Goblins do not spawn in one of the season's most popular activities, The Pit, which has no drops until the last chest to allow for speed runs.

The March of the Goblins event will be held in Diablo 4 from June 6 until June 13.



Diablo 4: Mother’s Blessing

Diablo 4 Mother's Blessing
Blizzard Entertainment

We’ve seen this event in Diablo 4 before, but this time around it has some changes. Players will receive 25% extra experience and 50% more gold. Lilith blesses all her children, as this bonus applies to both Seasonal and Eternal Realms, and all World Tiers.

This bonus also stacks, so pair it with Elixirs and the Urn of Aggression to maximize your experience gains while killing monsters.

Use this limited-time boost to carve through the ranks of the Battle Pass, climb to higher levels and World Tiers with burning swiftness, complete your Season Journey, and level multiple characters to their maximum potential. 

The Mother's Blessing D4 event will run from June 14 until June 24



Diablo 4: Free Cosmetics

Diablo 4 Anniversary
Blizzard Entertainment

During the event, you can claim seven free cosmetics in Diablo 4, including a scythe, two swords, a staff, an axe, and a new horse and horse armor. Unlike previous holiday events, these are merely log-in bonuses that you can receive immediately if you play the game throughout the designated period, which begins in a few days.

The D4 Free Cosmetics event will run from June 6 until June 20.


Diablo 4: Future Updates

Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred
Blizzard Entertainment

There will undoubtedly be additional events in D4 this summer, as the current season 4 will end around August. We're also waiting for further information on Diablo 4's Vessel of Hatred DLC, which will be released this fall and will include a new character class as well as important story-based content, something previous seasons have lacked despite their other innovations.