All New Characters Revealed in Hades 2 Playtest

Explore the diverse new characters revealed in the Hades 2 Technical Playtest.

All New Characters Revealed in Hades 2 Playtest
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The Hades 2 Technical Playtest has offered an exciting glimpse into the highly anticipated sequel. Among the wealth of content unveiled, the game's new characters have undoubtedly stolen the show, leaving players eagerly anticipating their arrival in the full release. This article covers all the new characters revealed in the Hades 2 Playtest.

New Characters in Hades 2 Playtest

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In the past few days, selected players have tried Hades 2 in the Technical Playtest phase. While the initial trailer showed 2 new characters, the Playtest has revealed more new characters.

Let's look at all the new characters revealed in Hades 2 Playtest:

Character Role Key Traits
Hecate Guide Emotionally mature, supportive
Nemesis Retribution Romance path, wields Stygian Blade
Apollo God of Light Polite, overconfident, introduces Daze
Hephaestus Craftsmanship Dad bod, laidback, tankiness Boons
Selene Moon Goddess Elegant, lunar symbolism
Hestia Flame Goddess Fiery personality, placeholder design
Dora Listless Shade Nonchalant, humorous
Frinos Companion Adorable frog, contrasts Cerberus
Arachne Silk Weaver Harbors resentment, Silk Attire mechanic
Morose God of Doom Calm, polite, enigmatic intentions




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Hecate, the goddess of Witchcraft, stands as a central figure in Melinoe's journey. Towering in stature and exuding an aura of emotional maturity, Hecate serves as a supportive guide, bolstering Melinoe's confidence during moments of doubt.

Her multifaceted domains, encompassing Night, Necromancy, and more, hint at the depths yet to be explored within this intriguing character.


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Nemesis, the personification of retribution, cuts an imposing figure. As one of the original wielders of the Stygian Blade, her presence promises a romance path reminiscent of Megara from the first Hades game.

With her formidable appearance and ties to the Infernal Arm, Nemesis is poised to captivate players.


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Apollo, the God of Light, introduces the Daze ailment to Hades 2. His Boons revolve around this new mechanic, allowing players to inflict a chance for enemies to deal zero damage upon attack.

While polite in demeanor, Apollo exudes an air of overconfidence befitting his divine stature.




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Hephaestus, the God of Craftsmanship and The Forge has already captured the internet's heart with his dad bod, topknot, and laid-back attitude.

Aligned with Zeus and Hera, Hephaestus offers Boons focused on bursts of damage and increased tankiness, making him a valuable ally in Melinoe's quest.


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The moon's influence permeates Hades 2, with lunar symbology woven throughout the game's designs. Selene, the Goddess and Personification of the Moon, graces the Playtest with her elegant presence, aligning herself with Melinoe's cause.


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Hestia's final design remains shrouded in mystery, her robed silhouette exudes an energetic and fiery personality. Fans eagerly await the full reveal of this promising character, destined to become a fan favorite upon Hades 2's Early Access release.




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Dora, the listless shade, serves as Hades 2's counterpart to Dusa from the first game. With her nonchalant attitude and close bond with Melinoe, Dora adds a refreshing touch of humor to the narrative, proving that even the most mundane characters can leave a lasting impression.


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Departing from Cerberus' imposing presence, Melinoe's companion in Hades 2 is the adorable Frinos the Frog.

This unconventional pet choice promises heartwarming moments as players accompany Melinoe on her journey, potentially revealing the unexpected depths of this unassuming amphibian.


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Arachne, the world's first spider, serves as the curator of the Silk Attire system, a new mechanic introduced in the Hades 2 Technical Playtest.

Her intriguing backstory, involving a weaving contest with Athena and subsequent transformation, hints at a complex character harboring potential resentment toward Olympus.


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Moros, the God of Doom, exudes an air of calm and politeness that belies his ominous domain. Working closely with the Fates, Moros' true intentions remain shrouded in mystery, leaving players to speculate on the depths of this enigmatic figure.




With a captivating cast of characters ranging from deities to shades, Hades 2 promises to weave a rich narrative tapestry.

As you tag along with Melinoe on her epic quest, get ready to meet a bunch of unforgettable characters that'll leave you hooked. From witchy mentors to fiery craftsmen and everything in between, this colorful crew is bound to make Hades 2 just as awesome as the first game, if not better!