All Fallout 4 Companions & How to Recruit Them

Discover all companions in Fallout 4 and how to recruit them in this comprehensive guide.

All Fallout 4 Companions & How to Recruit Them

When you start up Fallout 4 from Bethesda, you're thrown right into this crazy, dangerous wasteland called the Commonwealth. It's a rough place, for sure. But don't worry, you won't have to go it alone. You can team up with some pretty awesome companions who'll have your back. This guide covers all Fallout 4 companions and how to recruit them.

All Fallout 4 Companions

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Companions in Fallout 4 aren't just great to have around in a fight, each character has their own unique abilities and bonuses that'll give you an edge. And get this - you can even romance a few of them if you play your cards right!

With 17 different companions to choose from, you've got plenty of options. Picking the right pal could seriously take your whole Fallout 4 experience to the next level.

Here are all available Fallout 4 companions and how to recruit them:

Companion How to Recruit
Paladin Danse Complete the quests "Call to Arms" and "Semper Invicta", then find him at Cambridge Police Station.
Curie Complete the quests "Hole In The Wall" and "Here Kitty Kitty" within Vault 81.
Nick Valentine Rescue him from his office in Diamond City (part of the main storyline).
Strong Complete the quest "Curtain Call" and find him at the top of Trinity Tower.
Cait Enter the Combat Zone and take out all hostile raiders.
Preston Garvey Find him in Concord and help him clear the area.
Robert MacCready Offer him 200-250 caps in Goodneighbor at The Third Rail.
Dogmeat Find him outside the Red Rocket Truck Stop and interact with him.
Piper Wright Meet her at the entrance to Diamond City and agree to an interview (part of the main storyline).
X6-88 Side with the Institute and complete the "Mankind-Redefined" quest.
Deacon Complete the quest "Tradecraft" and join the Railroad.
Porter Gage Complete the "Taken for A Ride" quest in the Nuka-World DLC.
Codsworth He's waiting for you in Sanctuary Hills after leaving Vault 111 (part of the main storyline).
John Hancock Find him in Goodneighbor's Old State House and complete some tasks for him.
Old Longfellow Find him at the Last Plank in Far Harbor and complete the quest "Walk In The Park".
Automatron Build one at a robotics workstation in a settlement.
Ada Go to Wattz Consumer Electronics and complete the quest "Mechanical Menace" in the Automatron DLC.



Top 3 Best Companions

Now that you know how to recruit them all, we are going to provide you with the top 3 best companions to recruit in Fallout 4:

Paladin Danse

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Paladin Danse is considered the best companion for combat situations. Equipped with his power armor and laser rifle, he excels in dealing massive damage to feral ghouls, super mutants, and synths.

His "Know Your Enemy" perk provides a 20% damage boost against these enemies, making him an invaluable ally on the battlefield.


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Curie's unique nature as a synth companion offers incredible versatility. With the highest health pool among all companions, she can withstand heavy attacks.

Additionally, her "Combat Medic" perk restores 100 HP when her health drops below 10%, making her a reliable choice in dire situations.

Nick Valentine

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As an integral part of the main storyline, Nick Valentine is a compelling choice for his intriguing backstory and exceptional abilities. His prowess in hacking terminals and his trusty revolver make him a formidable ally in combat.

Furthermore, his "Close to Metal" perk grants an extra hacking attempt and reduced lockout times, which can be incredibly useful during exploration.




Throughout this guide, you will gain invaluable insights into how to unlock all available companions in Fallout 4. While we have provided you with the top 3 best companions, it's recommended for you to experiment with the others as well. Who knows, maybe the other companions will fit with your gameplay.