Alan Wake 2 - Every Password and Safe Combination Cheat List

Here's a fast guide that will help you if you are struggling with any password or code in Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake 2 - Every Password and Safe Combination Cheat List
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In "Alan Wake 2", you'll do a lot of looking around. Sometimes you'll find things like boxes or computers that need a password. You can find clues for these passwords nearby. Like, "Rock Rock Tree" means you look for two rocks and a tree. But this can be hard and slow. So, here's a fast guide to help you.

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Alan Wake 2 Passwords & Codes List

  • Chapter 1 Cult Stash: Use two triangles (one up, one down), then two triangles (both in the middle), and finally two triangles (one left, one right).

  • Chapter 2 Private Cabin Cult Stash: Use 658.

  • Chapter 3 Hunting Shack Lockbox: The code is 527. This gives you a crossbow.

  • Chapter 3 Slow Rooster Cult Stash: For the shotgun, use 739.

  • Wellness Center Computer: Password is 170823.

  • Witchfinder’s Station Computer: Password is 2547.

  • Gift Shop Safe: The code is 1-4-6.

  • TV Studio Door: Use 565 to get into the Old Gods of Asgard locker room.

  • Souvenir Shop Mugs: For the toilet puzzle, use 147.

  • Souvenir Shop Safe: Use 146.

  • Kalevala Knights Workshop: Set symbols in this order from top to bottom: Second, First, Third.

  • Hotel with Sea View Door: Use 2550.

  • Blum’s Computer: Password is 170823.

  • Cult Stash near Suomi Hall: The code is 496.

  • General Store Lock: Use 739.

  • Streamside Cabin Lock: Use 658.



Remember, these locked places have good stuff like bullets and healing items. You also need to upgrade your weapons and inventory . The game also has special collectibles you can find. Some are important for the story, so make sure to get them!