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Hey, my name is Artorigold. I started playing Overwatch way back in the Beta. My favorite heroes are Zenyatta and Lucio. When I'm not hitting that grind in solo que, I am working with a lot of different OW teams, coaching them and helping them improve!

Artorigold SR 4400 +
In this replay analysis Artorigold will be analyzing a Gold ranked game of Tracer and pointing out every good and bad play that was made.
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Top Rated


2 yrs ago

I think she flicked too hard when she tried to aim for the Pulse Bomb on the Moira and Pharah so the Pulse Bomb flew to the right, even tho she aimed right at them shortly after. Great guide, I have always avoided playing Tracer because I just felt like I did no damage and died really fast but I just played her too much as a frontliner and not enough as a flanker :)


GameLeap Team
2 yrs ago

@Nid Happy you enjoyed it! =) Have you told your friends about GameLeap already btw?


5 months ago

This ain't no gold tracer, chief.


5 months ago

I don’t mean any disrespect but it was very obvious that he over flicked the bomb


2 months ago

Pretty sure that's NOT a gold tracer - he's clearly a smurf. Trust me. He's probably a smurf that's growing out of gold if anything.


2 months ago

@Jattix no gold aims that well - he's hitting headshots like 80% of the time


2 months ago

Yep clearly a higher SR smurf ...he even got a pulse bomb achievement LOL (really new account) - ...this is a great vlog but it's just annoying


12 days ago

How do you kill a moira as tracer? My acc is pretty good but i really feel it isnt doable

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