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This guide, authored by coach Highway, will teach you how to get the best possible start to your games when defending as Symmetra!
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Top Rated


6 months ago

Only played her for 1 hour, but Ill try and main her. In just one hour she got me more wins than any other class, even my main. lol. My friends told me I should get a gold weapon for her because I was really good with her. So yeah she won me over. :)


2 yrs ago

if u didn't get three torrents before the 30 seconds ur prob not playing a lot of symmetry or just not that good at her now that u know jus learn how to get faster in every map I am so close to diamond and some of these guides dind taught me everything I knew the most of the stuff but they will be enough to help to get to diamond as an 2900 to 2987 sr player

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