Sombra - Initiate the Hack

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The Counter-Hack Playstyle




In this Overwatch guide you will learn when is the best time to swap to Sombra, which heroes to prioritize hacking as well as how to have biggest impact with your EMP.


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Gaedel 2 years ago

I've alot of problems using hack or emp vs Nanoblade. If im cloaked - by the time i decloak the genji is already in my backline and ana is dead if i hack him or not. If im uncloaked im visible and usually close enough to the frontline so the enemies can cancel hack. If i translocate to the first dash location he can dash away before i finish the hack. Even if im hidden right behind a wall i get problems because genji dashes out of my screen with the 2nd daSH and the hack fails. And even if i EMP he can get 1 or 2 Kills without dash many times because my teammates just dont react to the "nanoblade incoming" callouts in voice or maybe just dont know what to do. And genjis actually start to wait for me to do something and dash out of my range with the first dash at my current sr of 3.3k. Are there any specifics about the process i'm missing or do i just need more training?