Reinhardt - Come Out and Face Me!

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11. How to Destroy as Reinhardt


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Destroying the Enemy Main Tank

In this Overwatch guide you will learn how to destroy the enemy main tank as Reinhardt and secure the game for your team.



Made for 1.51Information checked and up to date


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stema84 2 years ago

I often find myself facing a nano rein when the teams our lining up, my team in a line behind be and his behind him, so if I want to stall it, I might charge it, but the correct charge direction is not available for me, just inside of his team, which is certain death for me, I still do that so that their rein would only kill me with nano but protect my team, but I feel that's still not a good trade. If I start holding my shield and start backing up that means I get all his swings which even overheal cannot save me from.