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pro player
Twizt SR 4250 +
In this video, Twizt will share with you his experience with going up and down the SR ladder as well as pro tips on how to prevent tilting!
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7mon ago

Last video is queued as a 5'55'' video, but it's 1'30" long


9mon ago

I thought you are at your Rank for a Reason but then you mention that losing 700SR doesn't mean you belong in a lower Region/Rank. I'm confused, apparently you kinda belonged into a lower SR Range for a Reason.


9mon ago

@kitt Your SR can fluctuate somewhat, what I mean by you are at your sr for a reason, i am referring to your average sr. If I lose 10 games and am down 200 SR, i dont necessarily belong at that -200 sr range since i am only there because of a huge loss streak. But if I have been gold for the past month with no progress, that means I belong at that rank.


4mon ago

Just watched the video before this on the 'course'. This is inefficient. I just listened to SkipJack talk about this... $8/mo for multiple time wasting videos doesn't seem appropriate.


5mon ago



24d ago

He said: "When you are at a SR it's where you belong"... a few minutes after "I lost 600 SR due to season throwers...", "You don't belong at that SR"... Wait but at the beginning you said.. nevermind.


5d ago

This was basically the grandmaster mindset

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