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Here you will learn how to be a main healer at a Grandmaster level on Blizzard World as Moira.
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20d ago

I have a few questions/concerns. I know the video is titled how to main heal @ grandmaster, but I can see some glaring mistakes and I'm plat.... first, I agree with the ground bounce thing, but sometimes when you get walls that are set up correctly, there's some spots on the first point (ex 1:27) where it makes more sense in my opinion to bank your healing orb directly off the payload door to bounce between the wood wall, and the payload door. this way, it bounces back and forth about 3-4 times. I do this all the time and it gets nuts healing done. If you bounce it off the ground and into the air, its just gone after it goes into the air and never comes back...... second, at 4:19, there is no reason why you shouldn't be using your orb before coalescence. That's just free damage/dps and your ult lasts for the whole cooldown. You do this as well at 2:00. No reason why orbs shouldnt be going out right before ult imo.


20d ago

need update did zemrit get a response. how is he doing. why doesn't he use that account. these are questions that need answers

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