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Being a fan of team-based PvP games, the notorious Mercy expert LittleMenace picked up Overwatch along with some friends as soon as the game released. After over 1,000 hours of experience as a TF2 medic, he was quickly drawn to the support role. Mercy's ability to boost her allies and resurrect fallen teammates gelled perfectly with his playstyle. LittleMenace has accumulated hundreds of hours of tournament play and was involved with team 'LuCKER dOG' at the height of their success as a tier 2 squad. On ladder, he has finished at a comfortable Top 500 in every season since Season 3 with rating heights of 4654. He is now simultaneously working toward becoming a full-time pro player while also nurturing his livestream channel.

LittleMenace SR 4600 +
Sometimes as a support, you have to take matters into your own hands, ignore your healing duties and start the killing spree! For Mercy, there is a very fine line between helping your team with your blaster and downright throwing the game.
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2 yrs ago



2 yrs ago

@EinfachTomy Glad to hear it ♥


5 months ago

there are a couple of things that are out of date in this guide


19 days ago

The healing is more like x7 in Valk. 50hps is base healing, +10 for all while in valk, + your self healing passive remains active even while taking dmg.

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