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How to Always Take First Point: Assault Maps




In this Overwatch guide you will learn how to always capture the first point on maps on which you have the spawn advantage.


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brysonsnel777 3 years ago

Awesome Video!



Jattix 3 years ago

What are the specs for this computer? I wish i had this much clarity in graphics..



HardCorePwnge 2 years ago

I'm partially confused, in this vid you say to hold the ult even if the character is bad against the comp but in a different vid you said it's better to switch if your character is useless against their comp even if you're close to ult. Would this then be dependent on the ultimate itself? E.g. if you're playing Bap and near ult vs playing Mei and near ult?


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redcrow 2 years ago

I've only been playing 2 months and it's pretty much hell as a noob. Lots of smurfs to contend with. Low ranks has very little comms and very little cooperation, very few combo ults, etc. As a noob, I've been hesitant to speak on comms much unless someone else is there chatting some, too... I was like 240-240 W-L record 2 weeks ago overall... I then started trying Competitive and it's been brutal, I'm like 24-50 W-L and at the same time, even QP got that way for some random reason, I'm like 280-315 overall now (tears)... just losing EVERY match. So yesterday, I decided to start using comms, even if no one else says a word. Calling out everything, Tracer behind us, about to Nano you Rein, Dva asleep, watch out for Dragon I feel it coming any second, Sig is low Sig is low, let's wait both tanks down fall back and group, etc, etc. And sure enough, my teams started winning again.. I was 5-5 yesterday, but trust me, that is GREAT compared to the last 2 weeks. It's made a huge difference and MOST of the time, I'm by myself on comms the whole time, or almost the whole time. It's crazy how much it makes a difference. It just gets silent listeners to focus on the same thing or enemy at once a lot... and you can tell that the silent players really like having someone on the mic because they actually react to what I say. Tracer behind us, and they all turn around and eliminate the Tracer... And I get "endorsements" like 2x more than before, not that I care about that at all. Just wanted to say, thanks for these videos... Really helps taking your advice.


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