Ultimate Economy and Management - The Basics

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Dids is a DPS expert from the UK, specializing in hitscan DPS heroes with a unique affinity for the snipers, Hanzo and Widowmaker. He has finished Grandmaster/Top 500 in every competitive season of Overwatch since launch and finished the opening season of Contenders with a top 16 placement. After witnessing the announcement of Overwatch at Blizzcon, Dids quickly decided that this was exactly the kind of game he could excel at. He entered the game for the first time with the goal of competing at the highest level in mind! And now, after hitting heights of 4617 SR, he has joined GameLeap to pass on his knowledge and solidify his position in the Overwatch community at large.

Dids SR 4600 +
In this guide, Dids will teach you what the Ultimate Economy is and the importance of its management. If you master just these mechanics, your rating is sure to spike.
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2 yrs ago

6:04 the grav going off right when he says it... so satisfying


a yr ago

This video is cutting off at 1:30 for me. Is it doing that for anyone else? It's not that it stops loading. It simply acts like that is the entire video and loads up the second in the play list.


GameLeap Team
a yr ago

@RickyTickRuss Hi Ricky! Sorry for the inconvenience. Just log out of your account and log back in and the issue should be fully resolved. Let me know if that helps =)


a yr ago

@Ivan That did the trick. Thank you!

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