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Every Overwatch Term You Must Know




In this Overwatch guide you will learn 87 commonly used terms and the meaning behind each of them.


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NmEF 3 years ago

area of effect: also known as spash


Smokahontas 3 years ago

Great vid! Definatelly looking forward to more.


ixxgunnerxx 2 years ago

These terms should be one of the 1st video someone watches , i didn't see this till i was 3 full courses in -----( i knew , the Lingo. Cuz I'm a 800 rank. w/ 500 hours on ) ---- But ill always be a nub. ( cuz were All human and make mistakes )


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ixxgunnerxx 2 years ago

How do u edit Posts?


ixxgunnerxx 2 years ago

I didnt know what Pealing was for a while ,, lol i alway though ppl just meant healing or helping ... But I learn the true def from Fruto or Blam the controller over on but this video should be one of the 1st things that Should be watch by a new player planing to watch these courses .


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