D.Va - 7 Quick Tips & Tricks


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In this video you will learn 7 Tips and Tricks for D.Va to help you master the hero faster!
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9mon ago

Great guide man :) For #5 I think it might be worth mentioning that even if the riptire is right on top of you, D. Va can still survive if at full health due to her armour reducing the total damage by 5. But as said in the video, the damage falloff on the riptire starts happening really close by (like 0.5m or something crazy from what I've tested) so, even if you're missing 100 health or so, often you will survive. Just a little bit of extra info for anyone who's a perfectionist like me haha


9mon ago

@Reason Ahhh you're right, I remember looking this up for the guide but i totally forgot about the damage reduction from the armor, good catch haha.


7mon ago

The circular movements onto diving a widow is amazing! I was always surprised at how little mech health I had left after diving a widow since I spent my matrix and missiles while flying towards her in a straight line. I find that now I have more health plus enough matrix left should an allay help her or if she throws a venom mine.


6mon ago

@LoveDVA Glad to know this tip helped you out! :D

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