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Hey, my name is Artorigold. I started playing Overwatch way back in the Beta. My favorite heroes are Zenyatta and Lucio. When I'm not hitting that grind in solo que, I am working with a lot of different OW teams, coaching them and helping them improve!

Artorigold SR 4400 +
In this video, we are going to teach you how to counter the most annoying and snowbally comp ever, known only as... GOATs.
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Top Rated


7mon ago

We need update!


7mon ago

This needs to be updated... no mention of zen lucio brig combo... talking about using ults as much as possible and not enough focus on using your defensives to counter there ults such as grav. No mention of Sombra which is widely considered one of goats better counters. No mention to what goats ults combo will be coming at you such as shatter bomb etc and doomfist is definitely not a very viable counter to goats... also wrecking ball is way more viable then say a roadhog which was also mentioned. Honestly ive watched a ton of great guides on this site but this one seems weak and misleading in comparison. Hope you guys can update soon and keep up the great work with all the other guides on the site. Definitely worth the money overall :) PS its worth mentioning the video is titled how to counter goats and most of the game they weren't playing goats as well.


6mon ago

@opengrip stopped reading after first sentence. he mentioned that combo within the first 2 minutes.


9mon ago

Is Bastion comp with Sym (to tp the Bastion out when goats charges in) a viable defensive counter to goats now?


9mon ago

@MikeATL yea

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