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Ashe - Playing Smart on Defense


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pro player
Twizt SR 4250 +
In this replay analysis, you will see how to properly play Ashe during defense on Volskaya Industries.
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Top Rated


6mon ago

I really like the fact that you included a mistake in this video! It's very wise to do so, because it shows that even GMs ant TOP500 players are human and prone to error too. Love that!


GameLeap Team
6mon ago

@RKD Absolutely! Everyone makes mistakes -- what matters is how often! ^^


6mon ago

@Ivan Yep! Don't get me wrong, I love the video and Twizt is a really good player. I learned a lot from watching his positioning and aiming priorities. So far I love gameleap, it's much more explicit than say skillcap for world of warcraft players. More videos are also welcome, keep up the good work guys! =]


GameLeap Team
6mon ago

@RKD Thank you so much, my man! =))) Greatly appreciate all the support. It's a pleasure to have you on board!


5mon ago

you could have dropped when the DVa bomb was there then coached back up :S but then again any of the tanks could have dived you and farmed you... so I guess dying to the bomb was the best of the worst case scenario right? or maybe just drop and use coach gun to back off around the corner to the spawn next to the point ?


2mon ago

@Twizt I have a hearing disability which makes it hard to tell where sounds are coming from even with a great headset. Is there any way to isolate the sounds I should be listening for or any visual queues to pickup when heroes are flanking?

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