Reflex and Aim Training

How to Aim by Tracking

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Tracking your opponent's movement can be difficult. Dids will provide you with the information you need to improve your predictive aiming, pre-firing of corners and tips against strafing opponents. Master all the techniques and improve your accuracy drastically!
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Hey! I noticed some of the players in the Tracer footage (Vulture and Psycho) are ranked around low Master?

Tom GL

GameLeap Team

Hey @Legacy! Indeed, you're right. However even Diamond / Master rank footage can give us examples to demonstrate what our coaches are talking about :) In fact, sometimes using Top 500 footage to explain a concept can be very jarring, given the style of gameplay in a Grandmaster game can be entirely different from that of a Silver / Gold game. (Tweaked your comment so we don't have to remove it due to the colourful language!)


5mon ago

I feel like this app doesn’t update anymore or have a huge amount of users atm. At least in the comment section lol. But I am loving this app. But it feels like a YouTube but with only overwatch. (I have no problem with that though! XD)


3mon ago

So far the first 3 videos (reflexes, improving aim, and how to aim) are all 1.5 min and cut off before the end of the video

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