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Dids SR 4600 +
In this video, Dids will walk you through how to build and save an Aim Training Lobby in which it is your goal to defend an objective without ever stepping on the point itself.
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Nice vid! Do you have a recommended min/max time to spend in custom games daily? I know that lower ranks would probably have a higher min time and higher ranks would probably have a lower max time. Also I think it's important to point out the "modes>assault>capture speed modifier" setting to raise or lower the difficulty of playing this lobby training game.

Tom GL

GameLeap Team

Hey @minikimbie! Interesting question :) I've read that most teenagers / adults can REALLY focus on 1 thing for 20 minutes at a time before they begin to drift. Maybe this is a good starting point for most people in aim training! Then if you feel like you can do more / haven't warmed up yet, go ahead and continue. Those would be my thoughts :)


8mon ago

Will this training be effective for projectile heroes such as Genji?


6mon ago

@RC414 I don't think so.


6mon ago

best vid so far



Thanks for the videos, Dids. I enjoy your teaching style.


3mon ago

Wow, well apparently when I reinstalled my games on a new drive i did not set my ingame sens right and was over by .7 which makes a world of difference


9mon ago

1 question, i payed for 1 month service and all vids end up at 1:30 idk why , i can watch them from my phone but not on my pc

Tom GL

GameLeap Team
9mon ago

Hello there @Banqveen. Logging out (on ALL devices) then logging back in should resolve your issue, as your account is indeed a pro account!

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