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Reflexes and Reactions: Course Overview

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pro player
top-500  SR 4600 +

Dids is a DPS expert from the UK, specializing in hitscan DPS heroes with a unique affinity for the snipers, Hanzo and Widowmaker. He has finished Grandmaster/Top 500 in every competitive season of Overwatch since launch and finished the opening season of Contenders with a top 16 placement. After witnessing the announcement of Overwatch at Blizzcon, Dids quickly decided that this was exactly the kind of game he could excel at. He entered the game for the first time with the goal of competing at the highest level in mind! And now, after hitting heights of 4617 SR, he has joined GameLeap to pass on his knowledge and solidify his position in the Overwatch community at large.

Dids SR 4600 +
Learn how to improve your accuracy, how to tweak your settings for maximum comfort and how to do that in a healthy way in this course written by pro hitscan player, Dids.
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Top Rated


2 yrs ago

Good work.


GameLeap Team
2 yrs ago

@McCree Nice username :D And thank you!


a yr ago

@Ivan I bought pro how long should it take till i get it?


2 yrs ago

Watching this video was a major feelsbadman


a yr ago

I do not agree with this video, or lets say.. the part where he says that reflexes drop with aging, if you keep practicing and grind your mouse sens and movement and all the elements in the game; you will get better, actually.. you might be better on age 28 or 30 with your long FPS experience versus a 18years old, it's all about practicing and grinding and working your way out, and I say this because I'm 27y and I maintain high rank as HS compared to two years ago as a support/offtank player. Lets not forget some of insane pro CSGO players are in late twenties-early thirties.


2 yrs ago

So basically, since I'm already in my early twenties and don't have fantastic aim/reflexes, I should probably just resign myself to eternal sub-plat? Lots of contradicting statements here about having to practice a lot to get to the top-tier but also don't practice a lot 'cause it'll negatively impact your progress.


GameLeap Team
2 yrs ago

@Ksayiru Not at all :D You can still hit top 500 and beyond, but you probably won't get into OWL. I'm approaching my late 20s and I can still stomp, but I focus on heroes that don't require crazy aim and rely more on gamesense. <3 Rein


2 yrs ago

looking forward to watching this!


2 yrs ago

cant see vids plz help


2 yrs ago

@tito I am noticing the same thing it appears to be working in chrome


a yr ago

you need to but it


10 months ago

The videos won't work for me. I keep getting a message to use Google Chrome browser. I am using a Google Chrome browser, and it still does not work. Please advise.


4 months ago

I mean, I think reflexes can be trained and therefore improved. At a much slower pace as an adult than as a child, but I think it is still achievable. I'm a doctor- not a neurologist by specialty so there's that disclaimer- but based on what I've learned I don't think it's impossible to improve reflexes. As you learn the piano, for example, those movements become hard-wired pathways involving the spinal cord. It's not like you had that reflex all along...


2 yrs ago

You can train a reflex; you may not get a great gain in reflex time but you can train a reflex to an action.


a yr ago

What is the intro song name please. It sounds so good but I can’t find it :(


a yr ago

So then i cant get better


5 months ago

I turned 20 a few months ago. I have been playing since season 12 and my support is 2200 tho my dps is 1600 and tank 1800 (Ironically I am a dps main) so this is a bit of a depressing video for me lmao. These custom games have worked for me with improving aim and tricks Training range: JACNK (a little weird) Flick Training: 136Y5 Hope this helps anyone with practising flicks, tracking or just anything really.


2 yrs ago


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