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Mills' Aiming Masterclass: How to Improve Fast




In this Overwatch guide, you will learn what is holding your aim back and what every Grandmaster player does in order to have godly aim every game.


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Vampiremoney 3 years ago

Very helpful!!



stevetheripper 3 years ago

Thoughts on the benefits of 240 hz vs 144 hz?


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Waddles 2 years ago

I play DPS and as it is now I have all my heroes on different sensitivities, such as McCree is at 4.20, my soldier at 4.25, my Widow at 4.35 and Hanzo at 4.50, do you recommend I try and switch to having all of them on the same sensitivity or is keeping them like this fine? Obviously for tanks and Genji and Tracer they are on even more different sensitivities but for all the more aim based heroes is it better to have all of them on the same sensitivity?


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bcobbaut 2 years ago

when i played on ps4 i had a different sens ( smooth, sens vert and hor,....) all different. none the same and after a year you can develop the muscle memory on every hero



Sneakysam 2 years ago

can you make a video on who to play as a DPS, also can you make a video an McCree. I really love your videos!


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Maniac66 2 years ago

The difference in DPI between my Genji and legit any other hero it the game is more than double my Mouse is fixed to 800 DPI by 4.35 ingamesens for all heroes exept genji ... with him its a flat 10 ... many other players told me it could throw of you mechanical skills but it works out for me ... as soon as i see the shurikens in my hand musclememory kicks in and its just fluid



Siven007 2 years ago

Hey coach Mills, I am an African player that plays on 190-200 ping average, does that massively contribute to my aiming mechanics?If so, do you have any tips that can help me cope with my latency while trying to become god-like at aiming mechanics? I play on console.



linkererror 2 years ago

What is 'Tryhard FFA'?


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Mercyisthebest 2 years ago

Can you do a video guide of aiming on console?


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