Reflex and Aim Training

Improving your Aim and Flicks

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Dids is a DPS expert from the UK, specializing in hitscan DPS heroes with a unique affinity for the snipers, Hanzo and Widowmaker. He has finished Grandmaster/Top 500 in every competitive season of Overwatch since launch and finished the opening season of Contenders with a top 16 placement. After witnessing the announcement of Overwatch at Blizzcon, Dids quickly decided that this was exactly the kind of game he could excel at. He entered the game for the first time with the goal of competing at the highest level in mind! And now, after hitting heights of 4617 SR, he has joined GameLeap to pass on his knowledge and solidify his position in the Overwatch community at large.

Dids SR 4600 +
Don't blindly follow the pro's settings! Understand how to use what the game is offering you and what steps you need to take so you can see an actual improvement to aim in your games.
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Top Rated


2 yrs ago

Actively trying to get headshots rather than blindly shooting seems to lead to improvement.


GameLeap Team
2 yrs ago

@McCree Totally agreed. I was so shocked when I was learning Soldier and I went from spray-and-pray to consciously trying to aim and shooting only a few at a time. Made a huge difference.


6 months ago

What about for console?


2 yrs ago

Thank you. Really good info. Thank you for share you knowlege.


2 yrs ago

great website


6 months ago

Like could you apply these sensitivities to what they would be for console


3 months ago

@dekunorth654 Just change around your in-game sensitivity!


8 months ago

old mcree looks so cringy


2 yrs ago

Hi there, could you provide links ( and key figures (like dpi and sensitivity in this video) in the description. Would help a lot


a yr ago



5 months ago

if i send my vod can you make a feedback?


5 months ago

The amount things are repeated (for example sensitivity/DPI) seems really unprofessional to me. Not to be rude, just trying to help.


2 months ago

I play DPS and as it is now I have all my heroes on different sensitivities, such as McCree is at 4.20, my soldier at 4.25, my Widow at 4.35 and Hanzo at 4.50, do you recommend I try and switch to having all of them on the same sensitivity or is keeping them like this fine? Obviously for tanks and Genji and Tracer they are on even more different sensitivities but for all the more aim based heroes is it better to have all of them on the same sensitivity?

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