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The Rarest Spacesuits in Starfield: Locations & Stats

The effort to acquire these exceptional, rare spacesuits is unquestionably worthwhile, considering their vital role in both planetary exploration and combat.


In the vast expanse of Starfield, your spaceship is undoubtedly a crucial asset, but when it comes to venturing beyond your ship, a spacesuit becomes your lifeline. While you may accumulate a plethora of standard spacesuits in your inventory, the real treasures lie off the beaten path, concealed behind intricate quest chains or protected by Master-level locks. The effort to acquire these exceptional, rare spacesuits is unquestionably worthwhile, considering their vital role in both planetary exploration and combat.

It's important to note that obtaining these spacesuits isn't as straightforward as visiting a store and making a purchase. Each of them demands unique and often time-consuming methods, so be prepared for potential spoilers ahead as we delve into the world of elite spacesuits in Starfield.

Mantis spacesuit location Starfield

The Three Exceptional and Unique Spacesuits in Starfield:

  1. The Mantis Spacesuit:

    • To become a spacefaring counterpart of Batman, seize the opportunity during the main story quest "The Old Neighborhood." You'll come across a slate on one of the Spacers, guiding you to a hidden lair on a remote moon.
    • Prepare yourself for a series of trials that will test your worthiness to assume the role of "The Mantis." Successful completion will reward you with The Mantis spacesuit and other valuable items.
    • With its sleek aesthetics, formidable defenses, and substantial bonus to carry capacity, The Mantis spacesuit is a prized possession. Obtaining it early in the game can be a game-changer, empowering you to breeze through the initial missions with ease.
  2. The Mark One Spacesuit:

    • Similar to Fallout 4's Cryolator, the Mark One spacesuit is an incredibly potent late-game technology piece. It tantalizingly dangles in front of you within the first hour of gameplay, enticing you to level up your lockpicking skill.
    • You can employ an exploit to acquire it as soon as you lay eyes on it. The Mark One is a prototype of the iconic Constellation spacesuit, paradoxically more powerful than its later version.
    • By cracking a Master-level lock or using a clever cursor alignment technique on the display case, you can effortlessly claim this formidable piece of equipment. It offers both prestige and protection.
  3. Starborn Spacesuits:

    • The Starborn, despite their occasional resemblance to rejected Destiny 2 designs, are renowned for their fashionable attire in the Settled Systems.
    • While obtaining one of their spacesuits is impossible during your initial playthrough, you can have it for yourself by completing the main story and initiating New Game+. In New Game+, the suit is automatically equipped from the moment you wake up in Vectera's orbit.
    • The Starborn spacesuit is a versatile all-in-one combination of a helmet, boost pack, and spacesuit, boasting exceptional stats that compensate for its lack of accessories. What's more, with each new NG+ cycle, the suit receives upgrades in appearance and performance, with ten known variants so far.
Starfield Starborn spacesuit location

In Starfield, spacesuits hold a distinct category from other equippable items like casual apparel. The game offers a plethora of options, which can be overwhelming, but remember that your spacesuit should be your top priority for upgrades. Neglecting its improvement might lead to perilous encounters in the Settled Systems. Embark on your journey with upgraded spacesuits and safe travels in the cosmos.


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