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Bethesda Declares Pluto a Planet in Starfield

The ongoing debate over whether Pluto qualifies as a planet has raged since its reclassification as a "non-planet" in 2006. However, Bethesda has taken a firm stance in Starfield by designating Pluto as a planet.


In Starfield, Bethesda has incorporated various elements of the solar system, aiming for accuracy in most cases. However, some features are based on speculation and possibilities, such as the colonization of planets and interplanetary space travel. Nevertheless, players have expressed their delight at Bethesda's decision to recognize Pluto as a planet.

Before 2006, Pluto was recognized as one of the nine planets in our solar system. However, in 2006, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) reclassified it because it did not meet their criteria for planetary status. Many other celestial bodies have also been designated as dwarf planets because they do not meet the IAU's criteria for planetary status.

Starfield pluto classification

Despite Pluto's reclassification, many people continue to refer to it as a planet, and Bethesda has followed suit by labeling it as such in Starfield. Players have welcomed this decision, emphasizing that "size doesn't matter," and in their eyes, Pluto deserves to be called a planet.

While most of the Starfield fanbase is pleased with Pluto's recognition, some are working on a mod that will classify it as a dwarf planet, reflecting its current scientific designation.


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