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MeNoHaxor is one of the highest rated Challenger Supports in NA. Finished Challenger almost every single competitive season. He has experience playing professionally on Team Solo Mid (TSM) and is regarded as one of the top solo queue coaches for Supports. Also a software engineer at Salesforce.

MeNoHaxor Challenger
In this guide you will learn the different types of supports and which will be best suited for you.
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Top Rated


1mon ago

Nice playlist, really have learned a lot, maybe having videos like Panther saying what to focus in each elo would be also nice :)


1mon ago

Hello! Thank you for posting this course it has really helped me realise what I'm doing wrong because once you see the mistake you can easily fix it. I have one question though! Why do some supports use Ignite?


20d ago

@tarekj20 Some supports pick ignite if they have a have a high damage adc or are a engaging support


20d ago

They use ignite to finish off low health champs during early game and in team fights. its good if you ignite a champ early before they flash away.


19d ago

@F1SH1NG Thank you!


16d ago

@tarekj20 I will add that, for example, a lvl 3 ignite consists in 110 true damage. All in supports would run it to help securing kills, but even for the grevious wounds (healing denial) and reveal effect (underestimated, but makes you keep fighting if the enemy try to exploit bushes to escape). In later stages of the game, it will be helpful as a relatively low cooldown summoner's that can be very effective in shutting down high sustain targets (Volibear, Mundo, Fiora, Irelia, WW...)


14d ago

@intheDissonance Thanks, seeing supports use ignite was odd for me more or less because when I started playing I played Leona with my friends and they always took ignite instead of me(I always took healing because i thought that leona + heal = tankier leona)

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