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Miss Fortune Abilities and Mechanics


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In this LoL guide we will cover all the abilities and mechanics you must know on Miss Fortune!

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Top Rated


3 months ago

Bout time, been almost a year since i asked for an adc guide, no one plays her as support


2 months ago

Good day guys so despite playing lol for 10 years i am still shit at this game and with the new patch in 2020 i seem to be worse at the game. i don't main any lane but try to be a jack of all traids and master of none. So first question is should i try stick to two main rolls in leage or still try to be a jack of all traids? now for the problem i am having at the moment. i have been playing on a new account (roomies account) and mainly playing adc but what i find lately is the champions that i did well with aka Caitlyn and Miss fortuin, i can't carry with them like i used to infact i can't carry at all i am as usfull to my team a minion. Now i am more a defensive player. I wont chase for a kill and i tend to stay as far back in lane faze. but i have noticed since the 2020 patch players that are super agressive or playing supper agressive proforms better but since i have played for so long as a defensive player i seem to struggle and fail at being aggressive. so what i am asking is, is defensive playstyle still ok for adc and if not what baby steps can i take to become more of an agressive player with out feeding the enemy team. ps sorry for the spelling.


Pro Player
a month ago

@LBdegenerate I would say that playing passively is most of the time a mistake. There are times when it is correct for you to walk up and pressure people with your range and damage, and both MF and Caitlyn do that a LOT. You probably dont have the type of lead you should have to carry because you arent using your pressure properly.

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