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Kybet Challenger

In this League of Legends guide you will learn how to use the F-keys, invade the enemy jungle and many more fundamentals that will help you start climbing as a jungler.

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8 months ago

Added tip! Rebind your F Keys so F1 isn't you but the top laner, F2 mid, F3, ADC and F4 Support. Spacebar is already there to lock on to yourself.


a yr ago

Great guide! I'm working my way through the jungle series so my apologies if this is addressed later (but I don't want to forget the question while I have it): The point that really resonated with me was your last statement on going into a game with a proactive plan. For example, taking the side where you have priority, and making plays there. I find that in some games, when I do that, the enemy jungler makes plays on the other side of the map. Any advice on how to incorporate that into a plan while still remaining proactive on the map rather than just falling into reactive play to their jungle's own proactivity?


Pro Player
8 months ago

@Karith So in regards to this, yes you will have times where the enemy jungle will react effectively to you making plays on one side of the map, in theory this means that they've probably also been able to understand the game plan that you've created or they've gained information somewhere on the map like an early raptors ward to find your pathing and make a play on the other side of the map. One key thing you can do against this is to track where they start based on if top lane or bot lane come to lane late, by gathering this information you can tell your team where the enemy jungler will be ganking earlier so that they can ward premptively ready for the gank, if your laner then sees the gank coming it can waste a huge amount of tempo from the enemy jungler and give you time to punish them by taking their camps or an objective.


a yr ago

very nice , can u make guide for nidale


GameLeap Team
a yr ago

@logo4infinity Currently finalizing the courses for ADC and Camille + Vi. Thanks for your patience and continued support! :) What did you think of this video and how would you rate it from 0 to 10?


8 months ago

@Ivan 0 ;(


5 months ago

so good guide honestly


3 months ago

This is HUGE! Thanks :)


7 months ago

i keep getting stuck at 1:29 with all videos


6 months ago

I dont think that its good to make a gameplan in the loading screen tbh. In my opinion you have to make up the gameplan at your second camp watching your lanes and how they play. In the loading screen there can be errors in the gameplan either by you lacking knowledge of the matchup or just the ability of the laner to play his matchup right.


Pro Player
6 months ago

If you're creating your gameplan that late then you've already messed up, you're playing too reactively instead of proactively and won't be paying attention to the details that you need to, a gameplan should always be dynamic and ever changing. If you're lacking knowledge of the matchup then that has nothing to do with the gameplan that has everything to do with your technical knowledge of the game.


3 months ago

Any plans for a Kayne guide? Trying to make my Kayne better, but it seems like I'm doing something wrong with him, cause I never seem freak out like other Kaynes


a month ago

Could you do a Shyvana guide?


20 days ago

i don't have problem for know the enmy jungler where start or where is he or the timer of the buffs but i have problem with which champ is good invade them in lvl3 or 4 like yi vs kayn i know kayn win the 1vs1 or vi vs olaf olaf win cuz i don't love spam the same champ i love counter pick or pick champ i have good kda or winrate with them or know what i do with them like sylas i will never do red blue gramp and contest the crab i take 3 camp of my red side and i go buy mechaty and go to crab if he will spawn in 15s and my laners are in good position if the 1vs1 vs the enmy jng was bad and use W always when you feel you will get the final hit to die for you get more health and dmg thanks to last stand but i have a problem with farming champ cuz when i play like rengar i do full clear invade or gank ofc invade is for kills but i always die even if triple Q them some how if they was close to where i am and don't die i always use triple Q when i use my first R for i be sure i will kill the enmy and not waste the R and the time but i always can't go invade in lvl 4 or 3 and get kill i some times when i playing with olaf i don't rest and go to double crab and i know mybee the enmy will rest and buy ad iteam or ap iteam and he can mybee kill me like kha or rengar with there Q scaling AD i buy only the hammer on kha 1 on lee close half health gone

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