Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - No Easy Way Out Guide

Should you side with Aaron or Angie?

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - No Easy Way Out Guide
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In Cyberpunk 2077's Phantom Liberty expansion, there's a fresh quest named "No Easy Way Out" where Coach Fred asks you to aid his ex-student, Aaron. Here's a simple guide to navigate through the side gig and its three critical decision points.

Starting "No Easy Way Out"

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Once you've progressed a bit in Phantom Liberty, Coach Fred pings you about Aaron, his boxing trainee. Aaron is trapped in a contract with the Animals gang and wants to break free to become a pro boxer. The quest leads you to Terra Cognita in Dogtown, battling scavs to meet the Ripperdoc who set Aaron up. As Aaron's operation starts, Angie, the Animals' Dogtown boss, confronts you, presenting a crucial choice.

Decision 1: Accept Angie's Proposal

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 Angie offers you a share in betting wins if you abandon Aaron. If you agree and exit, Angie later pays you 22,000 credits. However, Coach Fred expresses his disappointment in you.

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Decision 2: Reject Angie's Offer

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Declining Angie's deal means fighting her and her crew. This choice rewards you with the Iconic Power Pistol, Cheetah. Yet, Aaron faces a tragic end, with the Animals gang taking revenge on him after few days.

  • TypePower
  • Class: Pistol
  • Notable Features: This weapon offers a +150% headshot damage multiplier, +50% Crit Damage, and +14% Bleeding Chance, with increased Crit and Bleeding probabilities for closer targets and amplified damage for torso hits.

Decision 3: Intimidate Angie

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 This choice appears if you've defeated Sasquatch in the main Cyberpunk 2077 storyline. Scaring Angie ensures Aaron's safety. Depending on your advice to him post-surgery:

  • Suggesting he rig the fight or discussing his past has him still tied to the Animals but also mentoring young boxers in Dogtown.
  • Advising a fair fight results in him sharing news of his Costa Rica move where he's attempting a boxing career.

You earn 5,000 credits for this side mission's completion. If Aaron's fate concerns you, the third choice is ideal. If you're weapon-focused, opting to confront Angie gives access to a unique weapon.

For Cyberpunk enthusiasts, ensuring you're updated on all Phantom Liberty quests and choices helps in crafting your perfect gameplay narrative.