Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - All Easter Eggs

Hidden Gems of Night City: Easter Eggs Revealed in Phantom Liberty DLC"

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty - All Easter Eggs
CD Projekt Red

Delve deep into Night City's mysteries with Cyberpunk 2077's Phantom Liberty DLC, a treasure trove of content showcasing the mastery of CD Projekt RED. The freshly-minted 2.0 update transforms this renowned RPG, introducing a sophisticated perk system, a remarkably improved AI, and a diverse collection of weapons and vehicles, all underpinned by spellbinding new narratives.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Witcher 3
  2. CD Projekt RED Milestones
  3. John Wick
  4. The Matrix
  5. Star Wars
  6. The Wire
  7. Heartfelt Tributes
  8. Edgerunners Memorials

Here's a detailed guide to unveil the intricate Easter Eggs and their rich backstories:

The Witcher 3:

CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt RED's previous blockbuster isn't forgotten. Throughout Night City, find intricate references ranging from themed posters, unique collectible items, and even an arcade game named 'Roach Race'. A special treat in Phantom Liberty - dial  5745552377 on any phone booth to serenade your ears with the evocative Witcher’s theme. Plus, a newly introduced menacing faction named 'Barghest' directly mirrors The Witcher's iconic supernatural hound.

CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt RED Milestones:

CD Projekt Red

Wander into Dogtown and you might encounter two familiar faces. Studio founders, Marcin Iwinski and Michal Kicinski, have been immortalized as vendors selling "braindances". Each of these digital memories not only encapsulates pivotal moments from CD Projekt's history but also features prices that harken back to significant dates from their journey.

John Wick:

CD Projekt Red

For the fans of action and Keanu Reeves, a not-so-hidden gem is nestled within EBM Petrochem Stadium's weapon shop. There, in a quiet corner, a gun case engraved with "For Mr. Wick" awaits, paying homage to the relentless assassin character Reeves brought to life.

The Matrix:

CD Projekt Red

In a subtle nod to the iconic sci-fi classic, players can stumble upon a scene straight out of "The Matrix" within the heart of Night City. Directly across from the pyramid building, explorers will discover a nondescript room. But within, there's a setup that's instantly recognizable for fans: a table stands between two chairs, and atop it, two pills mirror the memorable choice presented to Neo in the film's early act. This unmistakable homage adds another layer to Cyberpunk 2077's rich tapestry of pop culture references, paying tribute to the genre-defining moment when Morpheus asks, "Red pill or blue pill?"

Star Wars:

CD Projekt Red

In the intricately designed mission "The Spider and the Fly", sharp-eyed players will spot an email dialogue between characters named Biggs and Wedge, echoing the legendary Star Wars pilots, Biggs Darklighter and Wedge Antilles.

The Wire:

Dive deeper into Night City's lore and find an email interaction between the fixer El Capitan and a character named Mike Sobotka. This is a subtle tip of the hat to the character Frank Sobotka from The Wire's riveting second season, especially as the mention of the stevedores cements the connection.

Heartfelt Tributes:

Among the glitz and neon of Night City, there are touching moments. Honor Renfei, a dedicated Cyberpunk 2077 enthusiast who tragically passed away. His spirit lives on through the character Qian Si Hu, who mirrors his passion by modeling and selling intricate cybernetic designs. Additionally, a powerful nod to racing maestro Ken Block, who left us in January 2023, can be found in the form of a weaponized car roaring in Watson Northside district.

CD Projekt Red

Edgerunners Memorials:

CD Projekt Red

In the wake of Cyberpunk 2077's 2.0 update, the game has introduced touching tributes to some of the beloved Edgerunners characters. Located in North Oak, Westbrook, these memorials serve as a poignant reminder of the stories and personalities that have shaped the world of Night City. Here are the memorial inscriptions dedicated to them:

  1. Kiwi: "You taught me to never trust anyone in NC."
  2. David Martinez: "You didn’t take me to the moon, but you were there with me."
  3. Gloria Martinez: "You were right. David reached the top Arasaka Tower."
  4. Rebecca: "I regret not finishing our conversation."
  5. Pilar, Dorio, and Maine: "You were the only family I ever had."

As you embark on this electrifying journey, keep your eyes peeled. These are just some of the many Cyberpunk 2077 Easter Eggs peppered within the 2.0 update and Phantom Liberty DLC. Unearthed more? We're eager to hear!