The Offlane Role

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11. How to Carry from the Offlane ft. Iceiceice


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Offlaners Should Ignore Their Teammates!

In this Dota 2 guide, Speeed will teach you the correct way to play offlane and carry even when your team is intent of throwing!



Made for 7.30bInformation checked and up to date


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TrueProgress 1 year ago

I like this format a lot Speeed. More please!



jaron 1 year ago

this video was refreshing. content has really gotten better here over the last couple of months. thanks for that, i'm going to resub. so last TI OG showed up with a really surprising IO strat and crushed with it. Do you think many teams are now putting extra effort into finding something "broken" by looking for strats in surprising places, or have they always been doing that?



McTrendy 1 year ago

by far my favorite video speeed. this really affirmed everything i've been doing as an offlane player. pos 3 is such a great role. thank you so much, always appreciate you and especially your offlane videos



pinfascore 10 months ago

Very nice review! To kill them you not have to actually kill them, nice one!