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How to Carry from the Offlane ft. Iceiceice

In this Dota 2 guide, Speeed will teach you how to carry and create speace when playing an offlaner like Bristleback.



Made for 7.26bInformation checked and up to date


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RKKA 3 years ago

I have several questions :) 1: Why do you think did IceIceIce lane with the Rubik and not with the Kotl? Is Kotl better as a babysitter for PA vs Sniper/Prophet? Kotl can actually do something about BBs death condition in lane vs Slark AA (use w to protect BB during the Pounce Cold Feet combo), which Rubik cannot, and Kotl+BB have obvious other synergies. 2: I would have expected IceIceIce to buy a halberd, rather then an Euls, as essentially 4 of the enemies, including 3 of their cores care quite a bit about being disarmed. In some ways, if people TP away from you as BB you are overall doing your job. Halberd is furthermore the best anti slark item in the game, and the well "downside" of the way iceiceice opted to play the game is that slark should get quite farmed (although without bonus agility). 3: Holy shit, I didnt actually notice that Euls is that cheap at 2750. A dispell that can be used offensively (although in this game you offensively only dispell flameguard, which is quite value, especially since PA and Kotl cant reliably dispell it and Rubick struggles too, and chilling touch, which is meh because aa dies the second any of ice ice ice teams cores looks at it, and euling it if its is not tping probably prolongs its life), and can be used to break channeling spells. The other common TP canceler for Bristle available is abyssal, which has a much higher price tag, but which he gets anyway on a really good timing because he got a bunch of kills out of euls. 4: Why did he go for the goo talent at 15? Slark just purges it off, and you arent getting 10/9 stacks at either Prophet or Ember (didnt get if Ember has an Euls) either (sniper and AA both die way before getting that many stacks on them). You can take rosh a bit faster with it, but you still take Rosh fast without it, and 200 health are just pretty value. He also wasnt 15 when they took Rosh.


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