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Simplifying Midlane


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In this Dota 2 guide, Speeed will give you the best tips to make your game easier while playing in the middle lane.
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15d ago

Can u make a video abt how to lv up fast in battle pass by using which particular hero and how to use them. It would be a great help and help me improve. <3 thank you


14d ago

I think this guide is mostly about invoker not mid, but I really enjoyed it thanks for the guide


14d ago

Can you post a video where side pulling goes well and one where it goes badly (a free big creep)?


9d ago

very good video in general but i should say that you really dont abuse invoker xD you should be using forge spirit to stack, to deny sf's rune, dearmor him, having an extra stun for cold snap with your forges hit, keeping your forge a little away from you so it doesnt get harrassed by the razes so he has to focus only one at a time by taking very good amount of damage by forge, also if he dives to your tower with 2 levels of quas you can spam spam ice wall at that time most probably sf will not have his boots of speed so he will be very slow and with forge and and cold snap its almost a definite kill xD


9d ago

mm i forgot to add that when you also hit level 6, with 1 wex avilable, when your oppnent is around 550-600 hp, and you have 450 mana available, you can get almost a definite kill with cs, tornado, meteor. You just need to move toward to your opponent while you are using your skills so when he lands to ground again you can hit him at least 1 or 2 more right clicks. and when you kill him this style once, you will be at least 1 level ahead of your opponent which will help you a lot to snowball, and hit your scepter timing asap aroud 14-16 mins. with possibly when you are around 12-14 level. So with this you can dominate any hero with very basic combos. So I believe Invoker is still very very good pick unless there is a broodmother mid and if you dont like quas wex. : D

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