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Randoming to 6k: Monkey King (Mid)


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Speeed Top-100
In this Dota 2 guide, Speeed will show you how to dominate with Monkey King in the middle lane.
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14 days ago

Just for Guess the rank, Love it when the comment won't show for anyone but myself and I have to find out through a second account later. Then I have to put one of the numbers written out instead of 2 hours later. YouTube's stupid anti-spam system that obviously doesn't work properly probably really fucks over a lot of people. It would be great if we could submit clips through some other platform like discord or twitter because I'm sure just most people who comment every single time and never get in don't even realize their comments don't show to anyone but themselves. Just a thought.


4 days ago

hey speed, your videos feel so precise and accurate. i'm a divine 2 player trying to learn monkey king for a while now, i have trouble with my position in fights, because the hero just feels so fregile. what you said in the video about waiting until the enemies run into you really feels like a good thing, i'm gonna try it and let you know. plus, i didnt know that when you start monkey ulti from a tree they cant hear the ulti until its already on top of them, i thought they can hear it starting, and i saw you starting and canceling it in the video a couple of times and they didnt seem to notice, and you even managed to stun jugg after starting the ultimate. thx for a great analysis.

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