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GH's Earthshaker and how he Echoes


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Speeed Top-100

In this Dota 2 guide, Speeed will show you what GH does in order to dominate his games with Earthshaker.

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a yr ago

Great video Speeed! In your Simplifying Support (Position 4) video, you said that a #4 (Shadow Shaman in that case) should always cast spells and expend mana, deny themselves to the enemy safelane T2 tower, etc. In this video, GH plays very conservatively. Is the decision whether to cast a lot of spells and deny yourself, harass, etc based on the particular Position 4 hero you're playing and the specific matchup you're against? Like you point out in the video, Earthshaker doesn't come online until Blink, whereas Shaman is useful almost immediately. Another Position 4 similar to Shadow Shaman I think would be Bounty Hunter, where you have to constantly use your resources in order to be effective.


3 months ago

This video is what im looking for. won 49 games of earthshaker after watching this video.. im on immortal bracket now thx speed

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