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Terrorblade - Member Replay Analysis - Nov 2018


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In this Dota 2 replay analysis, Speeed will be analyzing a Crusader 3 Terrorblade game from one of our GameLeap community members - radiated14. Want to submit your own replay for a chance to be analyzed by our experts? Visit our forum and learn how!
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7mon ago

Thanks a lot buddy for the analysis, I will certainly take all your advice and never build BF again. In lane Wyvern was nuking the wave constantly when I wanted to maintain equilibrium somewhat and farm. Item choices, I felt the BF would help accelerate my farm after a bad lane and help me to catch up, but you pointed out I had no stats and was too squishy to man up on anyone. I felt manta was difficult to manage vs Axe? I thought it would have gotten me killed quicker, but thanks for showing me I could have used it to deal with Slark better and split push. Late game I had gotten Satanic to help survive the initial burst of Blink+Call. Also I will definitely pay more attention to enemy items, it's something I haven't been doing but need to from here on. Only item I will "argue" is the pike, I did feel like I needed the range vs Axe, Pudge, and to pike Slark away during his pounce would also be useful - in my mmr, supports don't consistently build force staffs. Appreciate everything though, thanks buddy - next time I submit, I will hopefully do so after correcting these mistakes.

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